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  1. It was a great day, thanks for organising and filming Niall! It was fantastic meeting everyone as well! Also - my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rebeccagray8
  2. We're all going to be wearing Muse t-shirts, right? I remember someone saying that they were buying one of the new designs to wear.
  3. I think we should meet at the first singing point, maybe trafalgar, and as early as possible so we can get all of the filming done.
  4. I suggest we meet at a tube station or somewhere like trafalgar. If we're all wearing Muse t-shirts we should be able to find each other easily enough.
  5. I'm up for drinks afterwards And yes, I think we should avoid all places that make us look like prospective terrorists!
  6. thats a great idea, and i agree with confirming what tube station we're going to in case of half of us getting on a tube and the other half not etc
  7. In the other thread I said about George Orwell's house with the blue plaque outside - its right near Kentish Town station
  8. Will have to pull a sickie from work, but yeah I should be able to do the 8th
  9. Wikipedia misinformed me - Orwell's house with the blue plaque is at 50 Lawford road, NW5, Camden
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