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  1. There is an open day at Exeter Uni soon, me & some friends are going lol! x

  2. Ah thanks ;) yeah all downto the last detail (minus the dodgy cockpiece thing they wear lol) I feel loved ;) x

  3. Er is it easier to chat on?? Dont think Ive heard of it before why?? x

  4. Hey yeah I do like a few indie bands... What does ICQ mean?? xx

  5. Hey you like Clockwork Orange as well?? Great film, I went like one of the gang to a fancy dress party (all the works)!!! xx

  6. I might have some old footage of me playing deadstar/township rebellion sum wer... Thanks for the comment lol Are there many muse fans who cum from mexico?? x

  7. Same although I can play Showbiz better I love Citizen Erased just little bit more...

  8. Im well tempted to do it though do you think red with black would look good?? (providing I get a trim first) Also I'm getting 7 red and black stars tattooed on my right arm soon!!! ;) xx

  9. Are you a fan of OBEY guitars?? Yeah the tele is a fav of mine! discovered it whilst I was researching the Artist Shepard Fairey... He does cool graphics! xx

  10. Yeah apologies for the late reply but Im always studying, one of my teachers can speak russian and calls me "красный мальчик волос" :) x Indie music is ok theres a few bands I like but Im into the punk hardcore stuff at the moment! x

  11. Hey where did you get that pic of Matt in the stripey green top?? x

  12. Thanks!!! ;) Its a fairly recent pic but I look like 12! (Im not though I swear) lol I have like this red & back fettish thing and I want to dye my hair red and black (prob black w red fringe) xx

  13. The shape and the specs are copyrighted?? Damn how to people get away with replica's then?? I would love to have one of those guitars!

  14. Hey I finally got my BOOSH book the other day!!! :D Have you been speaking to someone about making a manson replica as well lol??

  15. Yeah need a few more pics... and a haircut lol! I want to get ahold of some red hair dye (like yours) then Im having my old Hullabaloo hairstyle again!!! xx

  16. Wtf yeah thats a possible hairstyle... Owl wtf?? x

  17. Wow nice profile you have lol! I liike the pics... very nice ;) x

  18. Ha we're going to this fancy dress party soon and me & my mates are going in these weird costumes with venitian masks!!!:) x

  19. Hey I'm new! What do you teach?? What's your favourite Muse track right now?? xx

  20. Hey Im sort of new! Are you like a Muse Mega fan as well?? x

  21. You git any new pics to upload yet?? x

  22. Yup Also I love love love Hot Fuzz, SOTD or any other Nick Frost Simon Pegg colaboration lol one of my favs!!! :D

  23. Na I'm still trying to get over the thing with the creepy eyes in its hands. We watched that after sitting through the whole of the 80's film Labyrinth with David Bowie lol!

  24. I need some tapes and lessons if I am to visit Russia sometime... Are you planning to return to the UK again?? x

  25. I havent learned to pronounced words yet but can read and write cyrillic! :)

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