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  1. Al tomar el colateral como garantía, la institución prestamista buscan reducir su creditos rapidos con asnef online, y en el caso de que el consumidor no reembolsar su préstamo, el banco o la entidad financiera aproveche la financió buena y la reventa en el mercado para pagar sí de la pérdida relacionada con el saldo no pagado. Dado que el riesgo de pérdida es menor con garantías, el banco cobra una tasa de interés más baja.

  2. Did any of you wait outside by the buses after the show? I did, and it was...disappointing. Whole show and the crowd was underwhelming to be honest. I'll write more later, but...meh. Sounds like Columbus was better so far.
  3. Sorry but grandad's birthday trumps Muse. Sell your tickets for face value if the show is sold out and use it on tickets next time.
  4. Good day. And how are you!?

  5. HB Chick! Have a good 1!!

  6. Hmm, Ticketmaster is telling me there aren't any...might just call the venue tomorrow to see what's up. I still cannot believe they are $55. Last time they were here, I swear they weren't over $25. I mean, I really would like to see them since I haven't since 2006, but seeing as they aren't even playing what I want to heat and the latest AWFUL addition to the Twilight soundtrack...I'm not even sure if I'll really have that much fun.
  7. I must say, your icon is insanely hot. That is one sexy picture of Josh Homme.

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