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  1. I only heard like 3 songs from their album Songs from the Recently Deceased

  2. Im trying to start a band up with ppl who have the same sort of tastes! Would prob suck and trash our gear but as long as we got a kick from it eh? I'm entering a talent show with some mates even tho none of us have ever been in a band our played to a live audience lol!

  3. Hey I've updated my profile!!! I've got a cool pair of white braces like Matt's too! x

  4. Im not sure... can you send them via email?? Do you have a yahoo email account that I could send stuff to?

  5. Hey thanks for the add again btw! :D x

  6. Dead star or In Your World??

  7. Its a long word lol! What do you mean change stuff??

  8. I think ICQ hates me lol! Yeah I was asking because I remember you said that you were visiting universities... Do you plan to return in the near future again?? :rolleyes: xx

  9. They Are just awesome! Name a band that comes anywhere near! Matt is a GOD... seriously he can fucking sing, play the pianno and the guitar sooo damn cool too!

  10. Hello I'm new!!! What's your fav Muse track at the min?? I love Placebo... Bitter end is my fav!!! xx

  11. Hey thanks for the add! Are you in a band??

  12. IN England but Im planning on moving soon! Bliss is my fav song at the minute, its just so...blissful lol!

  13. Wow you have some great pics from the live gig in Buchraest that show must have been awesome!

  14. No I havent seen them live... I've been trying since late 2001 :( I envy you lol! ? How close were you to the stage?? x

  15. Cheers geez, thanks for the comment! Its an OBEY Propaganda custom tele if your interested... quite nice price as well!

  16. England I'm a Mega Muse fan! You heard their early stuff like pre shobiz era??

  17. Yeah I added you then lol let me remember my paswword and we can chat online! x ;)

  18. I used that number you gave me and tried to add you... what is your ICQ name??

  19. Hey I added you to my friends lol! Whats your fav Muse track at the moment ??

  20. Do I use your ICQ number to do that??

  21. Dylan Moran is cool! My friends were lucky to get tickets to see him live at the corn exchange a while back! They saw him outside after the show and he was like "Where's the nearest pu?" lol true story! x

  22. How do I find you lol?? x

  23. Hang on Il be on in a sec x

  24. Hi I'm kinda new!!! You like some pretty cool bands... are you a fan of Enter Shikari?? xx

  25. Hey I saw my old film which won the Film Festival... good it looks aweful now lol! I love making movies though lo! x

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