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  1. Hey havent spoke to you in a bit! How are you since we last spoke?? xx

  2. Na I'm kinda new to this site! How cum you only like chocolate and ice cream not combined?? How are you btw?? x

  3. I hear that you make manson replica guitars and was wondering if you could quote me prices on the following please:

    M1D1 replica with all the specs (KAOSS pad included)

    Silver Delorean Manson with all the specs

    Black Manson with all the specs

    Red Gliteratti Manson (without sprinkles lol)

    Please reply when your available!

  4. Hey is it true that you were present at Muse's maiden gig outside of the UK... Cherbourg Charleston Bar 1995?? What was it like?

  5. Holy shit! Is that you with Matt Bellamy?? Wow what was he like??

  6. Hey thanks for the add! I love Hyper Chondriac Music its really relaxing to sit and play! My favourite at the min is an oldie Falling with the crowd! x

  7. Hey thanks for the comments! ;) Nice pics of yourself by the way, Я люблю Вас гитара, это удивительно! xx

  8. Possibly yeah just keep me updated and I'll bring myself along. At least I can put my bat to good use!! ;) x

  9. You can count m in as long as it not too far to travel! Il spread the word for you! x

  10. One day we should organise a match lol! Although my team will all be retired by then! Keep me updated with any news, photos or any other cricket stuff xx

  11. Important note: ALWAYS wear a helmet! I can't say its nice wen an adult fast bowler gives a short one and you (me being a fool) get down to sweep a bouncer! unorthadox and v. painfully! Either that or bottom edging one into your privates! (and yes I was wearing a box at the time) :( x

  12. Whoah saw Pans Labyrinth the other day... FREAKY!

  13. Hey your talking to someone who still wears a helmet and I'm only 5'7! I'v basically got two shots in my locker, the off drive and my favourite the front foot defensive! Btw I think I faced about 26 balls to get that 1 lol!

  14. What are you like 60?? lol Then simply hit the ball real hard so you dont have to run lol... thats what I was told :) Do you have to wear a helmet as well?? x

  15. Lol our team is full of old men who dont like to run... like thats important in cricket! Can't say we train much but I might have a few photos of me when I got my new bat made lol! Are you the one in the whites lol?? x

  16. We are f1st XI for a reason... no one wants to play for them lol! I was picked as the team's primary spinner with no prior knowledge! Lucky you met Charlotte Edwards (shes froma village called Pidley!) Do you have any cricket photos of you/your team?? x

  17. Hey where did you get the red hair dye?? I want it now lol! Ive updated my profile btw x

  18. It sucks batting at number 11 lol! Check out my team page (its not up to date or very accurate but then my team are... well aweful really!) http://abbotsripton.play-cricket.com/scoreboard/scorecard.asp?id=10300567 I batted at number 10 that game! x

  19. Ha same here, I bowl right arm off spin for my team. As a batsman I pride myself on never being bowled (dismissed 3 times though, lbw caught X2) in 14 games: 54 runs (average 3.85) and wickets: 11! I bat mainly around 9-11 but m highest score is 15!

  20. Hey I'm having problems with my email just send any info here for a while. By the way can you make an Emex Londaxe (like one of Matt Bellamy's) They are soooo rare!

  21. Hey Im new! Do you have a favourite Muse song/own any Muse stuff?? x

  22. Hello I want to visit Belguim again someday, is Mouscron a nice place?? Btw whats you fav Muse song?? x

  23. Holy shit I envy you! 37 times! I've been trying since 2001 and I have NEVER seen them live. The French adore Muse and rightly so... Whats your favourite gig then??

  24. Hey! Kylee are there many muse fans in Hawaii?? I've never seen Muse live and I've been trying since 2001! Cheer up you're not the only one lol! ;) x

  25. "flaucinaucinihilipilification" -its a long word lol! What sort of stuff do you do in Pshychology in the states?? x

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