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  1. Seriously considering it even though I'm no Matt Bellamy... Would make one hell of a fucking present lol! Christmas just round the corner!

  2. Er you ill have to ask zooropa1310 but I want a complete replica of the M1D1 guitar for around £1,400! The silver Manson with all the specs will cost around £1,900!!! but its worth it in my opinion!

  3. In the not too distant future... I hope! ;) I want to travel the world before I have to settle down y'know see exotic places and meet new people! :) xx

  4. Only probs is they cost a bucket load1 !!(understandable really considering its a manson copy)

  5. I want a Manson lol!!! zooropa1310 makes replicas of Matt's guitars.

  6. Yeah me too if your planning tovisit the UK soon!!! ;) I might even see ou if I visit Russia one day...

  7. Yeah man I love them... really love them but I wouldnt go as far as touching their instruments (sexual inuendo lol!)

  8. :p:$ Its true if it wasnt for this site... NO this band we would have probably never have met lol! Я не могу живо, что я нашел кого - то как Вы!:D xx
  9. I love to be in Muse just not as good as them lol! Cameo guitarist on Knights of Cydonia Lol!

  10. Cool! I'd love to e able to play guitar and piano like Matt heres a cool vid: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uXnbT3n8wco

  11. Don't write you?? Do you feel unloved?? Hold on see if this wil cheer you up: Вы - мой любимый друг России, к которому я обожаю болтать онлайн! xx

  12. Crucifies my enemies... lol! Heey you how you doing?? Thanks for the comments xx

  13. K's Garden new and impwoved + extended cave check it out on the love boat!

  14. How you been since we last spoke?? Anything interesting happen in your life recently?? Btw I want to study journalism at Uni!!! xx

  15. Hows things in your part of the world??

  16. Hey I'm New!!! Hows things down under lol?? \damn your dying to see them AGAIN?? I havent seen Muse live yet! x

  17. Cool what guitar you got?? I only ever learned frere jacque and chopsticks on pianno lol but that was ages ago!

  18. Theres like a strat version but Im not keen lol! I love my this guitar it was my first and favourite out of the bunch!

  19. Basically whats on the guitars lol! He has his own graphic range OBEY Propaganda, all kinda stuff really depends if your into that stuff!

  20. Well I use to live in Cydonia for a few years but decided to cm to Earth to go university next year lol! Soz for the late reply though!!! xx

  21. Yeah I was researching an artist for my Art project... Shepard Fairey you should check out is work! *denies beig paid by Shepard to plug his work* lol

  22. Na I havent had the privelege to see hem live even though I have been trying manicallysince late 2001!!! Soz for the late reply though! x

  23. Hey sorry or the late reply, I have basic knowledge and can write cyrillic... But I use translation sites online because it is much quicker and easier (although you don't always get the correct tenses)! This may appear differnetly: Эй жаль или последний ответ, я имею элементарные знания и могу написать кириллицу... Но я использую участки перевода онлайн, потому что это намного более быстро и легче (хотя Вы не всегда получаете правильные времена)! ;) xx

  24. God dammit why is it that nearly everyone I ask has seen Muse live?? No fair :(

  25. Yeah its not easy to answer when you have been to sooo many gigs lol! Did you hear a rumour on Musewiki; that the van that Muse used to travel to the gig from the ferry was smuggling ciggarettes and alcohol in?? What were they like though, I bet they were really different to whatwe expect of Muse now>

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