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  2. Quick question guys, may be stupid, or already asked. Can't get the shop to work properly on my phone, so yeh; The deluxe edition, got mines today and received the art prints #3 and #4 of 10 (Mercy and Reapers). Does this mean there are prints for each song, and they're randomly distributed with the deluxe editions?
  3. RW49701.jpg


    Avril Lavigne loves green


    As a world-wide well-known singer, Avril Lavigne not only has a good reputation in music, but also has amazing taste of fashion. Her representative colors are: purple, black, pink and green. The Shoulder bag of Avril Lavigne is a light green one.

  4. Right, So after the complete failure that was Dead Star, I've upladed a new video, this time of Easily. It's still farrrrrr from anywhere near perfect, there's a few slip ups and the tone isn't right. But I'm a lot happier with how this one turned out. Again, I'd appreciate it if you let me know what you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNYqpiBmeug
  5. I think from now on, I wont do this at 2am. I dont even Know how I managed that, I'd been playing it in Drop D beforehand I would be embarrassed by this, but I think I just need to laugh it off as a rookie mistake & learn from it! I'm not usually that bad, or make such stupid errors
  6. Not at all I know it's pretty damn shoddy, I also noticed my fretting wasn't up to scratch. And the damn pedal wasn't the best sounding. But yeh, I'm constantly working on it and my playing in general, so it's only going to get better
  7. Hey, So I just done my first ever recorded cover last night. Using a song I only started learning 2 days ago, on an FX Pedal I still have no idea how to work. It's not the best, but I'm planning on doing a new one every week, so felt I should get this out here and improve from there on in. Any comments are welcome of course! But here is my; Dead Star Bass Cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaa9i3ZCQU4
  8. I was in Disneyland Paris at the start of February, and they played Follow Me several times throughout Disney Village (area outside park with restaurants and shops). Probably the only good song I heard whilst there, the rest being taken up by their Disney Channel "Popstars"
  9. Whilst I would have loved a Showbiz song, I am pretty happy that Glasgow got something else special. Its rare for Muse to drop a wee surprise like that. So playing RBS when people were expecting a Showbiz song was nice. Would have loved something off Showbiz, but it makes Glasgow a bit different from the other shows so far. Although 5gigs and that happens, I can see why you're not happy about it!
  10. Yeh, I feel the exact same. Been to 5 festivals, and every time I come back saying never again. Ended up going to T2010 and Reading'11 just for Muse, so hoping more than anything for a Scottish Stadium or second Arena show. If it turns out to be a festival, then I'll most likely end up going, but sure as hell will be getting a Day Ticket as opposed to camping this time. May only be 21, but already feeling like I'm too old for that. Especially with some of the complete arseholes that are becoming more and more common at T. The decision to stay in a Hotel over the Reading fesitval was one of the best I've ever made.
  11. With the path T has being going down, I'm not so sure. Kinda hoping it's not, would be such a repeat of 09/10, and would definitely prefer more than 1 Arena/1 Festival Scottish gig every 3 year period. I reckon it's about time they played a Stadium up here, Murrayfield has held some big names lately. That said, I'm more than happy at the prospect of them returning so soon, so will snap a ticket no matter whether it's T or another Tour.
  12. So, I'm still in amazement at the gig! Fifth Muse concert now, and it's probably the best I've seen, everything was better than anything I've seen before. The set was fantastic, the stage looked incredible, and Matt seemed to be having a good night! Also loved Dom's laugh when Matt was off into the Pit. Got such a shock when they came on though. I was down at The Solid Rock Bar with a mate for drinks before, and decided to just skip the support act. Got to the SECC at about half 8 and upon noticing the inside bar was packed tried to get out and go to the Upper Bar, but were told we were not allowed to. So started walking from Chris' side, to Matts hoping the bar over there would be quieter. Got halfway across, and the lights dropped! Cannot remember being at a gig, and the main act coming on ten minutes early. Had a decent spot about 2/3 of the way from the front. Everyone around me was fairly static apart from myself and some lass behind me - we both sung every word and jumped throughout. Was also my mates first Muse gig and he absolutely loved it! He's a film student and kept going on about how impressive he found the visuals, with the pre-cut footage blending with the live camera's and such. So glad he enjoyed myself. And looking forward to Dom's comment about "seeing us next year".
  13. Cannot wait for this gig! Getting a bus from Edinburgh at half 2, then grabbing a bite to eat and a few drinks, before heading to the SECC to Queue. Hoping for a good spot, last time they played there I was on the barrier at Matt's side, aiming to do the same but at Chris' this time round!
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