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    Well, I think I'm a normal girl, but many people say that I'm not a normal person. I'm a Muser, I love horror movies, everything related to the supernatural and yellow and I'm arachnophobic. (Do you still think I'm normal? 'Cause I do). Basically I'm really far away of being perfect but I'm happy just like the way I am. :)
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    Muse / Music / Family / Friends / Reading / Procrastination / Stuff related to horror movies and also to the supernatural / Conspiracy Theories (not in order xD)
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    Muse / Kasabian / Nirvana / The XX / The Vines / AC/DC / Manic Street Preachers / Metallica / Vampire Weekend / Kaiser Chiefs / Placebo / Faithless / Florence + The Machine / La Roux / Biffy Clyro / Black Veil Brides / The Rolling Stones / The Beatles / Pearl Jam / Led Zeppelin / Aerosmith / Jimi Hendrix / Van Halen / Queen / Arctic Monkeys / U2 / The White Stripes / Pink Floyd / Queens Of The Stone Age / Foo Fighters / MGMT / Franz Ferdinand / Rammstein / Guns N’ Roses / Interpol / Arcade Fire / The Cranberries / Bob Dylan / R.E.M. / Steppenwolf / Def Leppard / Iron Maiden / Nickelback / Panic! At The Disco / Scorpions / Rage Against The Machine / Tenacious D / The Doors / Audioslave
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    Saw (all the movies) / Scary Movie (all the movies) / Epic Movie / Date Movie / Superhero Movie / Vampires Suck / The Da Vinci Code / Angels & Demons / Zombieland / Death Tunnel / Black Swan / The Social Network / Pirates Of The Caribbean (all the movies) / Lord Of The Rings (all the movies too) / Harry Potter (also all the movies xD) / Scott Pilgrim vs. The World / Eragon / A Clockwork Orange / Nowhere Boy
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    Supernatural / Ghost Whisperer / Phineas and Ferb / Happy Tree Friends / Bones / NCIS / Chuck / House / Grey's Anatomy / Criminal Minds / Pushing Daisies / Dexter / Desperate Housewives / The Simpsons / Family Guy / Fringe / The Walking Dead / Brothers & Sisters / The Mentalist / The Big Bang Theory
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    Carolina Moon - Nora Roberts / A Relíquia - Eça de Queirós / Os Maias - Eça de Queirós
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    Origin Of Symmetry
    Black Holes And Revelations
    The Resistance
  1. Happy early New Year! :awesome:

  2. Happy early New Year! :awesome::party:

  3. Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy new year! :xmas:

  4. Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo :xmas:

  5. Oh it's okay...things are actually going great for me now Cate my dear! ^^ I'm not really on here all too much though...how are doing on this fine October oh and do u happen to have a Facebook I can add you on??? ((:

  6. Oi Cate! well I am moving to england this january, that is the main reason why I let classes, but it doesnt mean I wont take some once there, even more I hope now living there to can finaly go to Portugal like I wanted all this time.

    Crist told me they are gonna take a year now to make a new albun

    how you have been?


  7. Hi! That's okay! How are you?

    I actually haven't heard any of their songs :$ I should look them up!

    You never really know with Muse :chuckle:. That would be amazing, one like those two albums! I hope there's less pop on the next album. Right, up to Dom and Chris to make it heavy! I hope that's what they do :awesome:. I think Matt also said it would more personal. I can't wait! Hopefully it'll be out in 2012!

  8. No, no, its quite alright - if you're busy your busy. :) How'd your exams go?

    Ooo that's cool. I went to the waxwork musuem its adjoined too but it was closed for refurbishment. I think.... but yeah - the expense is lethal. It was expensive when times were good and now in times like now the expense is insane. I'm amazed when I see the people who are coming from abroad to see Muse at Reading and Leeds Festivals, particulary those who were also at Stade de France and Wembley.

    If I go Reading its my 3rd time seeing Muse and its another biggie show - previous shows were in the O2 Arena (20,000) and Wembley (85,000). Those places are absolutely massive... although weirdly Wembley didn't feel as big as I thought. Mainly cos half the stadium was occupied by Muse's staging.

    Ah the guitar thing sounds nice. :) I wish I could do that sort of thing... I once dreamt I could play the piano in Butterflies and Hurricanes but if I came to a piano now I'd probably suck. I can play the drums for that one so that's good enough haha.

  9. Hi! One more time, I'm really sorry for the late reply.

    Thank you for understanding :) So, how are you?

    Unfortunately no, but I think I'll be able to see Muse live on their next concert in Portugal, which is not scheduled yet, so it'll be only on the tour of the next album.

    You changed your plans? So, what happened?

    Beijos :)

  10. Hi theeeere! Don't worry, that's okay :) Omg, I'm so sorry about that :'( Do you wanna talk about it? But you don't have to if you don't want. Are you sure you're ok now?

    I'm fine, thanks :) I'm on my Summer holidays now so I'm really great.

    P.S. Awww <3

  11. Hi! I'm really sorry for the late reply.

    That's awesome :D Yeah, and lately I've been listening to Miles Kane and Two Door Cinema Club.

    Yes, neither do I. Actually I wanted a album more like Origin of Symmetry and Absolution, and Matt said that it will be softer, like you said, and then Dom said that it'll be up to him and Chris to try to make it heavy, so I don't know what to expect but I'm really looking forward to it.

  12. Hi there! I'm really sorry for the late reply, I was really busy during the last month of school, then I had exams and then finally I took some time to rest and relax and now here I am.

    Actually there's a place that I have curiosity in visit, it's The London Dungeon, because I love horror movies and stuff like that, besides there isn't a place like that in Portugal. Well, you're right when you said that it's expensive, and now with the crisis the prices of things like fuel and food are increasing.

    You're a drummer, that's awesome :) I agree with your dad, but actually I have a classmate who learned how to play guitar alone and he's a very good player, and he knows how play Time is Running Out and Starlight and sometimes he plays it to me because he knows how much I like Muse.

    Unfortunately, no. But I think I'll be able to go to their next concert in Portugal, on the tour of the next album. And what about you, have you seen Muse live?

  13. Oh! no dont you feel sorry for that!, i perfectly undertand U_U

    u have been busy too and totally forgot to came in here.

    any way, i am happy that everithing is ok :) did you saw finaly Muse on this times?

    it´s been a long time yes and i know nothing about you

    btw i tell you againg that it all ok Cate

    about me, well i had to let a aula de português bucause i change my plans

    but we can talk about that another time :p

    beijos cate

    ate logo x

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