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  1. o_O You share the same birthday as me :)

  2. How much is this costing some of you UK Musers then??? tickets/travel/accomadation all in... wouldnt mind adding a couple of new concerts to my Muse gig list... tis so very tempting...altho tryna save up for my Bon Jovi tour of duty next year which will more than likely see me over in New Jersey so really have gotta watch what i spend this year
  3. Fury is the better song of the 2 but i think TSP was the best choice to make the album...Fury might have been a little to dark for an album which is quite dark to begin with! if ya ask me...
  4. Ive seen... Sunburn Muscle Museum Cave Showbiz Unintended Uno New Born Bliss Space Demenia Hyper Music Plug In Baby Citizen Erased Microcuts Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good Megalomania Dead Star Forced In The Groove Dracula Mountain Apocalypse Please Time Is Running Out Sing For Absolution Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria Blackout Butterflies & Hurricanes The Small Print Endlessly Thoughts Of A Dying Athiest Ruled By Secrecy Take A Bow Starlight Suppermassive Black Hole Map Of The Problematique Soldiers Poem Invincible Assassin Exo-Politics City Of Delusion HooDoo Knights Of Cydonia Glorious Man Of Mystery
  5. I would actually say Invincible to be honest...from the heart...and their lyrics easy to relate to...unlike half of the spacey shit Matt sings about... The message is good what the lyrics in B&H are trying to get across, but i don't think the lyrics them selves are anything speical...but ye another gd example...
  6. Invincible! wacked it on the jukebox at t'pub tonight...never gets anyone going..altho neither does Livin On A Prayer or Knights Of Cydonia so i aint concerned
  7. well its obviousley down to person preferance... i think Invincible is their most under rated song as it seems to be almost dispiced by a big chunk of Muse's fanbase....yet i think it is genius and possibly their greatest song... so i think it isn't being appreciated for what a gd song it really is...thats how i would use the term 'underated'...how else could the word be used????
  8. Its my fave Muse song...i think its great...the power of the lyrics etc... and the gradual building of the music upto the explosive solo etc... its genius... and its gotta be a song lots of people can relate to one way or another lyric wise...i can anyway which kinda adds to it...this is something most Muse songs lack thinking about it...i guess Matt just approaches his lyrics from a different angle most the time... proper chuffed its being released!
  9. thinkin of getting the muse logo on my arm but having the 2 thick lines either side of text running all the way around my arm(bicep area) and also maybe instead of the text just being MUSE im thinkin MUSEINVINCIBLE is the muse font obv. ...as Invincible is my fave song etc... would be cool im thinkin...gotta bon jovi related tattoo..tis time for a Muse one on my other arm!
  10. Ay up it's Saddam Wolstenholme fitting day to make that comment aswell if ya ask me:LOL:
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