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Found 5 results

  1. What do you think Muse's most underrated songs are? I think Screenager is a huge contender cos if you listen to it without listening to the rest of OOS before it, its great!! Map of your head is a great song, too good to be a B side and Ruled By Secrecy is great if you're in the right mood.
  2. This is the Muse Keeper Thread started by celtic rose, and has been under different ownership eversince, from kuutar to the ever loved, ever missed -Lynzi-. R U L E S 1. New members have to wait at least 1 month before claiming. 2. Look on the list first, and check the old keeps using ctrl+F. 3. You can have 3 keeps from each of the following categories: - Muse (that includes songs, performance,etc.) - Matt - Dom - Chris - Board. 4. You can't claim Muse members (whole) or their family/girlfriends. 5. Ask your claims in a post on this thread. 6. Old members can keep their claims. But members who don't get connected for 1 year or more will have their keeps removed. 7. Do not add to your sig keeps if they are not yet added to the following lists. 8. When you ask for a keep, be sure it will be something that you don't want to remove after a week. 9. If you want to keep a member of the museboards, he/she has to post on this thread giving clearly his/her permission. 10. Remember the use of the words Please and Thanks, if you can. Thank you. You can keep:... ...items used in videos, on stage or on photo shoots physical appearance of the boys things they said musical instruments songs, parts of songs items of clothing museboard members or some quality of museboard member... K E E P S : BOARD Appledoll- Sair AMfrompoland!!- - Kaisa amuseme543-You Electrify My Life Atrocity Vector that never was – RenegadeOfFunk Aduuu- Gohenko BlissedOut- Hucksy black KirkBot - St3phanie3 boomeraangsquad – daphne best younger muser award 2009 - Alex bruce57-ibelongtoyou4 Capt'n Cockminster - Ginnie Ceiling dom – xxatlowxx Canadian Muse Fans thread-jebecca Chagi-Chagi daphne - boomeraangsquad DMHlover - Erica-Jane DropletInTheOcean- the_invincible_dude Dombie – tiniih Dee3Dee-LyraSilvertongue Dontask-LyraSilvertongue Emma Loves Muse-Goya Execution Commentary- the.angular.animal Erica-Jane - nettynunu 'Effie - Ammeeria Eurasia - owls Eurasia flag - fuesch FireBaptist- Nattybwa FatalError- T-Rex Farelial-Hysteeria fact that no one is paying attention to the obvious instructions not to claim things, and claiming anyway - Asdfaeou Fans that vote more than once on the internet – doctorinthetardis Finlay - Luna FabriPav-Anxyous Goya- Emma Loves Muse Georgy Drachenkoeter- pindakaas Girl Anachronism's ever-failing-bra-strap at Muse gigs - lil'blulalo haarp's microwave harassment - owls Helz Belz- iSteph Hucksy- BlissedOut herself - Emaaa hucksy! - Sair Bear haifisch" - McFrog Hysteeria - Aduuu- ibelongtoyou4-bruce57 I am hungry for some Dombread – paralulman "I ride with Matt through the veins of history" - Elenor. IMPORTANT! Plz read... Thread - No ones gonna take me Live ilovemuse's Join The Resistance signature of win - the_muse_assassin inSpektor_Knight-Finlay Johanna - stefko_25 JadeLovesMuse-jackparker jackparker-JadeLovesMuse kaere – daphne Korni-Kriistaque Kriistaque-Korni lame board catchphrases- jon (radiohead, lol) - Lynzi- AMfrompoland!! lost153 - stefko_25 Lynzi - Ro lost153's heart and love - Ammeeria Lilylolxxx - sammyboy2006 L. - mskitte138 lalalive - Sing_For_Absolution Lady Gaga – doctorinthetardis LyraSilvertongue-dontask "Matt Bellamy is God" slogan- muse-queen Gohenko-Farelial GloriousAssassin-Princess of Promise m.u.s.e. <3- Knightofcydonia message board's Pornogenic threads- Juuso muse-queen- vibrantXhearts musefanatyke- Muserock94 muserock94- musefanatyke Muse board and everything around it - Hans :> maria_way - nettynunu maria_way's flirtyness - stefko_25 maria_way's blondeness - nettynunu Megglen - Erica-Jane Messageboard drama-Juuso Muse Family thread- collymonster Musepower - SetMySoulAlight92 Muse.mu domain - miralize Mathew Ballemy (from that thread) - Goya Museslash - Dana R My own level of obsession - No ones gonna take me Live Muse Lolz. thread - fuesch Matt's post on 18.09.2009 - ilovemuse My Muse three-way air jam on a recent train journey - C13R4N my own paranoia - Mrguy Muse I'MMA LET YOU FINISH... jokes - nataly muse condom campaign - ryno1116 Matt's stare in the photo of their sig - dioyy182 Musekeckteers society - Liz0_o mskitte138 - L Noobs who post the "sit the fuck down" video, thinking its new- peep nettynunu - maria_way NewlyMused -newbornblisssorigin newbornblisssorigin-NewlyMused nettynunu's love - stefko_25 Nettynunu's blue eyes like Matt's - maria_way name Mr. Awesome - Kris Nottingham official muse keeper thread - Alex 'Oh i do like to be beside the seaside' - brian27 Other Muse Topic's section of the muse board - Alex pindakaas- Georgy Drachenkoeter punkrockerjazzie-Titchy-Muser post http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=...postcount=1756 - Futurellama phrase "tighter than dom's trousers" - apocalyptickaoss "Phenomenomedomenom" - kassy_ Qúentin Räikkönen - Raining_Muses "Resistance Tracklist" thread - Raining_Muses Raining_Muses - Kris Nottingham Sair- Appledoll Stefko's freakin' amazing amazing drawing skills - maria_way Stefko_25's red hair - nettynunu Stefko_25's amazing French skills - Ammeeria SetMySoulAlight92 - Musepower Sair Bear - hucksy Salty confetti thread- dan Sippe -LyraSilvertongue Sippe's dignity -RayFan9876 SAA- Smiley Addicts Anonymous - kaere "sit the fuck down" day - lukester911 sexyplane during 10/27/10--Charlottesville, -bruce57 setlist beef -Sippe tea bags and sympathy- stardustbaby (tea lady of the SIRA) Titchy-Muser- punkrockerjazzie T-Rex- FatalError the.angular.animal - ILDHHITC The cat Netty/Netty the cat - Ammeeria Teh Ballemy Awesomeness (from that thread) - Emaaa the_invincible_dude - DropletInTheOcean Takebow19's Greatest Compliment Ever - KAM3L thread:http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=65149 - Zürischnurre thread "Hi new here!" created by fevertrees on the 21-12-09 - supermassive_cave thread "Dom going GAGA" :http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=76125 -NewBornBliss thread "Your Perfect Setlist"- HenryW7 the_invincible_dude's undertitle which is Little Ninja Mobster-DropletInTheOcean "ut oh" - No ones gonna take me Live UnintendedChoice -CharlotteC94 vibrantXhearts- muse-queen Vote for Alex for best younger muser award 2009 - Alex Word "Keck" (2009 code solving results ) - bellamy'szetagirl whole ISPs thread – ilovemuse Younger Musers' Orgies- Ro YMT's love dramas - Sair Bear YMT – ChloenotsosloweyHA 42 (as an answer for Treasure Hunt 2009) - Raining_Muses 1984 – dontask - Ginnie - daphne - Futurellama - apocalyptickaoss - Muselim_14 - Muselim_14 - Muselim_14 - Zürischnurre - ryno1116 - Elenor. -Man 0f Mystery -Korni -aidaartist
  3. what do you think is the most overrated song by muse? PLEASE VOTE i just put some popular songs in the poll, that doesn't mean i dislike them all: citizen erased is besides one of my fav songs
  4. So, i'm new here and i didn't know what topic i was going to choose so i took this! Please no hate So, i've been playing guitar about a year and few months, or so. Started practising seriously like 11 months ago, i can play easy song's like Smells like teen spirit and Holiday (by green day) i also know how to play plug in baby, but i'm still practicing! It's going great, can play at the right speed and stuff Well, any other easy muse songs? Is it true that hysteria solo is easy? People say it sound's hard, but it's easy. And i have the worst amp and guitar. And my mom told me if i play any hard song on guitar she'll buy me a new guitar and amp, so any easy song that sounds hard?
  5. Ok so here's an idea. There are tons of great Muse songs out there that don't get the recognition they deserve. So here's what I put to you. Rather than creating seven or eight threads which are on the main board to discuss these lesser lights, I have created this thread. If you like, it's a progressive song discussion thread. Each week (or two if we come to a good one) we discuss a different song. We go through album tracks, b-sides and others. Talk about what you like, what you don't like. If the song ranks in your top Muse songs - and if so, where? What you think couldve been improved. This is the first thread I have created on the board. I'm hoping we get some good discussion going and to ensure the thread stays true, I'm employing a rule that discussion is only limited to the song we are talking about and not any one after it. I got this idea from a forum for the "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" TV series where they had one thread which discussed each episode in depth for two weeks. I thought given there are around 147 episodes, that was a better idea than having episode discussion threads. So that is why I saw the merits in this one too. So what are everyone's thoughts about this idea? If people like it we will dive right into Sunburn. I understand if Mods think this falls under the heading of 'already a thread on this' as I am sure most songs have their own discussion threads but I think this idea is good because it discusses every song, especially the ones that get overlooked. So I'm starting with Sunburn. I'll write my thoughts up about this song a little later.
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