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MOTP in trailer for "The Tourist"


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I was watching the first trailer today for the movie "The Tourist", starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. I was shocked when about halfway through, I heard the opening to Map of the Problematique start playing. I was even more shocked that the song continued through all the way to the end of the trailer, and was featured quite prominently. Here's the link:


"The Tourist" trailer featuring MOTP


Personally I think this is awesome. It's cool to see a trailer for a major film starring two major stars using a Muse song as the primary musical drive for half of the trailer. And it's awesome that they're using a song other than Muse's popular songs, such as Uprising. Clearly people are recognizing that Muse exists, and they are investigating them. You need to look a little bit to find a song like MOTP for a movie trailer :)

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:LOL: my sister JUST showed it to me too!!


She's like "Wow... Muse is getting to be quite popular now with trailers..."


The Never Let Me Go trailer that i commented on in the thread here (before the thread was shut) got me excited to show that to my sister.

When i mentioned it, she was like ":wtf: we saw that trailer in the theaters about a month ago and you were like 'OMG muse!'" :LOL: i had completely forgotten that i saw it

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