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  1. Rain is starting to look inevitable, lets just hope rain is all it is. Rain we can deal with, we'll get wet but the show will go on and it'll be fun. But if there's lightning that could cause a problem.
  2. Does anyone have any idea of what the start times are for all the bands based on the recent shows? I'm not really all too interested in the opening bands so I just want to know approximately what time Muse will be out! Thanks EDIT: Nevermind! I'm shocked, the venue website actually says it. For anyone interested, here's the schedule. Have fun everyone! PVRIS 7:00-7:30 30 Seconds to Mars 7:45-8:45 MUSE 9:10-10:45
  3. I don't have much experience with all GA venues. Do most people usually rush to the pit to be close to the stage? My and my girlfriend would actually rather be up in the balcony close to the stage. Do those areas of venues tend to fill up quick? Or just the floor?
  4. That's always a good choice. NYC subway and buses are so robust, I never drive into the city. Public transportation all the way.
  5. I wonder when we'll be able to pick up our tickets from Will Call. Some venues, if you're lucky and ask nicely, will let you get them a day or two before the actual show. Which is obviously ideal as you don't have to wait on a massive line on show day.
  6. To clarify. Just got 2 tickets in the past 10 minutes by 1) Using Google Chrome 2) Navigating to the concert page by going to TicketWeb's home page and finding the concert using the search function 3) Using the BF floating code posted on this thread.
  7. JUST GOT TICKETS!!!!!! Been trying since 9 with my code, with the floating code since about 9:45. Was about to give up. I figured I'd give it one fresh start, so I completely shut down my browser, reopened it, navigated to the page, and entered the floating code. The code had been verified for the past 1000 tries but showed no tickets. However this time, tickets popped up and I got 2. This happened 5 minutes ago I just finished paying. tl;dr, Close your browser, reopen, and try the floating code! Don't give up, I might just be lucky but there is still hope.
  8. I sure can't wait to use TicketWeb again tomorrow! I'm sure by then they'll have alllll the kinks worked out so we get a nice smooth general sale.
  9. What bullshit. I posted that code and it worked and had 2 tickets, then I added them to my cart and the site crashed so I lost em. Now there's nothing. What a horrible experience, and my original code still doesn't work. I love Muse but I don't know why they consistently continue to do business with companies like this.
  10. It's a sad day when we're begging a band to use Ticketmaster.
  11. The only thing the site is doing better now is more quickly telling me that my code is invalid than it was before
  12. "Invalid code" might just be a poorly worded error message, wouldn't be the first time. If that post is true, then maybe a better error code would be "Code cannot be processed at this time". That would at least make sense.
  13. I guess there's some comfort in the fact that we have no confirmed purchases yet.
  14. That was a disaster. Why can't a major band like Muse have a website to sell tickets that actually works? A server that can't handle the load and codes that don't work. Incredibly disappointing.
  15. Yea I never hear Muse. Back a few years ago we used to have a station called 101.9 RXP that play lots of modern rock songs and used to play Muse all the time, but that station hasn't been on in a while now.
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