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Funny unofficial Muse dictionary


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163. Toilet- an object Matt likes to play in.


144. Rainbopantism- The love of Dominic Howard’s pants in general


131. Musevilla - The natural habitat of a Muser. Usually contains countless posters, CDs, bits of Bliss balloons and other Muserphernalia.

^ true, true


171. Wolstenholme syndrome: condition by which a person has to uncontrollably move their head in a rocking motion whilst playing an instrument (especially bass)


164. Twatlighter: term used by Muser to refer to Twilight fangirl/boy who believes SM made muse famous and can only cite SMBH or Starlight as Muse songs. (see supermassive n00b hole for reference)




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Omg I forgot about this :LOL:


For those interested link to the original thread, there are a lot more entries I think on that one.


Thanks for preserving that Natalia :happy:



Laure, thanks for finding the thread!


And guys, look in the original thread first, there are a lot more interesting words there. Everyone had such a good laugh at this last year, it's worth revisiting it to pass the time

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