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  1. win + she cannot sing live: she doesn't finish her words it still would be a nice b-side if the whole version was recorded in a studio but i still wouldn't buy it
  2. me neither: that line is about the whole song just like hysteria and futurism i only called it a solo because it fits with the quote i made
  3. THAT BASS SOLO IS FUCKING BORING the hysteria bass solo is fucking huge and the futurism bass solo is fucking huge that why i hate the song: it is actually only boring bass where teh song lies on. oh, and i hate it because my sister played it 1 month non stop, even while sleeping.
  4. the story: Bella was so glad that THE BEST BAND EVER made a song for the 3rd movie that she/he invited him to her house and they had a rough night in what a lot happened. I already thought he looked a bit pale If he is a twilight vampire... that means he will get VERY OLD SO WE AND ALL THE OTHER GENERATIONS CAN FOREVER LISTEN TO THE EPICNESS OF MUSE THAT NEVER DIES EPIC WIN and he will sparkle even more on stage (never thought it was possible)
  5. I like it just like it really like it but just like it and it's like the way i like it like this I like it the way it is it's a genious song but i just like it like it very much I don't love it but i like it guess what option I chose
  7. same thing It rockets through the universe, It fuels the lies and feeds the curse Believes we could be glorious if we obey that song and obey muse could be epic you know the flamenco-like version of muscle museum? (made by muse) (lol, cover fail: wrong album) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc0Fa5N7uCM EDIT: i recently rediscovered the awesomeness of spiral static never liked the song love it now
  8. and definately not new born because if you have seen that one live you would have chosen that one!!!! it's one of their best songs live
  9. 1- micro cuts 2- citizen erased 3- space dementia 4- megalomania 5- muscle museum 6- Hysteria 7- Knights of Cydonia 8- Glorious 9- Futurism 10- Fury (11- all the others except time is running out and sing for absolution) (532- sing for absolution) (723452- time is running out)
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