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  1. Hi! I sell all my MUSE-albums (CD's) 1.Sunburn 2.Absolution 3.Origin of symmerty 4.Black holes and revelations 5.HAARP 6.Resistance One Album 5 Euros, but we can discuss about the price! *Additional i have a MUSE-necklace (the guitar pleque one)...5 Euros *Merch shirts form 2010...7,50 Euros
  2. Anyoneinterested in the Hullabaloo DVD, the MUSE Guitarplec-sSet (Showbiz,Absolution,Origin of Symmetry, Black Holes and Revelations,Resistance,MUSE)? Send a commentor a PM!
  3. Heisan! Er det noen av dere interessert i: MUSE Absolution Life DVD MUSE Artwork Plectrums og Exogenesis T-Shirt (size M)??? bare send meg en pm!
  4. Heyyy...where are the Chris pictures?????????
  5. Something interesting!!! I sell: *the Absolution life DVD *2 Aliens (1 green and 1 blue) for the Wembley Alien invasion please pm me,if you are interested! Oh and i forgot: also the movie "Sherlock Holmes" (special Edition)
  6. Bliss...."Give me all the peace and joy in your mind!":D a loooooooooooong piano intro and an universal laser and light show!
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