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I wOuLd ToTaLlY SaY My FaV MoOsE SoNgS ArE


-sUpErMaSsIvE BlAcK HoLe (U c Teh WaY EdWaRd cAtcHeS ThE BaLl??!??!? SooOoOoOoO HaWt!!!)

-I BeLoNg To YoU

-neUTRon StAr cOlLiSiOn-(sEeiNg EdWaRds BoOtYiFuL FaCe Is SO FREAKIN ORGASMIC IN THAT VIDEO!!!@$@t%^$%%$@q^@$%&)


TeAm EdWaRd EvErYOnE!!!!!!



That would have taken way too much time to write considering how...fun...it was.

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