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  1. A symbol's meaning changes throughout history. The image of a rising sun has been used hundreds of times before in other cultures just like how the swastika originally represented a dharma wheel. It's the context in which we use these symbols that determine how we interpret their message. For me, I feel as though the flag is so out of context in this video that it does not in anyway promote hatred and can just be viewed as simply a flag. It's unfortunate that we live in a society that has to be so politically correct all of the time that it enables our freedom of speech. I think people need to use critical thinking a little bit more to rationalize their anger because ultimately, they should be angry about the events that took place and decisions people made, not the flag they used. However, because we don't live in a perfect society, some PR work might have to be done if this gets out of hand.
  2. This will be my first Muse concert in GA and I cannot wait! What time are you guys getting there on Friday?
  3. I got GA tickets! I'm also going to Boston, New York (the first night), and New Jersey. If Muse announces another east coast date I might not be able to eat for a couple of weeks this semester How small is this venue going to be in comparison to the others?
  4. Apocalypse Please: 10 TIRO: 8 SFA: 10 SS: 10 FAWY: 8 Hysteria: 10 Blackout: 8 B&H: 10 TSP: 7 Endlessly: 8 ToaDA: 7 RBS: 10 Fury: 9 The Groove: 7 Eternally Missed: 8
  5. Knights of Cydonia – 171 Citizen Erased – 113 Hysteria – 111 Butterflies and Hurricanes – 101 Supermassive Black Hole – 99 Map of the Problematique – 90 Uprising – 83 Showbiz – 73 Stockholm Syndrome – 72 Bliss – 70
  6. Merry christmas matt dom and chris!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!
  7. YKYATMW you take the time to mark all of the musey things during your astro 140 (life in the universe) final. Such as writing “and revelations” every time black holes were mentioned, putting the muse bars around the word zeta when there was a question about the Zeta Reticuli star system, writing “I want the twuth” next to the answer “b. unnatural selection”, and writing out the entire chorus of knights of cydonia when there was a question about cydonia. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had taking an exam and if my professor looks through my question booklet he going to think I’m insane
  8. yeah i was just going to say it would be nice if i could find musers who go to penn state. i feel like i'm the only one here. and i almost went to syracuse! (i know that doesn't really help you out )
  9. i've had a few pwoper conversations today!! the first one started out like this: Stranger: DA MYOOZE You: i want the twuth Stranger: AHH Stranger: maffo! You: dommeh! Stranger: nice to see you! You: where have you been?? i You: i've been looking for you! Stranger: I've missed you! But you were always with kate You: well i can't seem to get away from her....i've missed you so much though Stranger: yes, she's like a stalker You: i just don't know when i'll get the chance to tell her its over You: she will never satisfy the undisclosed desires in my heart it went on for a while....i wonder who this stranger was? and then this one is with a non-muser obviously: Stranger: you are a good person You: you’re still nothing to me Stranger: oh yeah, i know You: and this is nothing to me Stranger: why ? You: You could've been number one and you could've ruled the whole world and we could've had so much fun but you blew it away Stranger: be happy, dude i'm a girl thank you very much:phu:
  10. hey do you guys know about this? http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145682532142035&ref=ts i just came across it today and i think its an awesome idea
  11. thanks 4 added George Orwell group 1984)

    u are cool!



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