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  1. Super das es cds gebraucht gibt. Hier kann man entlich eine menge sparen.

    Danke raz für den Tipp.

  2. ok mate (1) im not a guy! (2) narrow minded? whateva u dont even know me how can u make that judgement (3) I said that everyone was entitled to thier opinion. else why else would i have started the thread if i didnt want to hear it. Lighten up it was a joke. (4) if i wanna use short text language or what eva then i will. more so if it displeases u. sorry if u think im being mean. i like anyone who likes muse but man ur jus rude.
  3. how am i? wow those r strong words. erm let me c. TIRO v inspiring. cave. sunburn. deadstar. in ur world. im sure theres more but those pop to mind.
  4. wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed i was simply givin my opinion. a suggestion if u will. i would have to agree with some of urs. gud choices.
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