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    Horse riding <3 drama, drawing, listening to music, watching films, writing.
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    I have no job, I steal money like a pirate.
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    Radiohead, TV on the Radio, ACDC, The Killers, and lot's of film soundtrack composers especially Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman,
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    Almost anything with Johnny Depp, The Lovely Bones, Shutter Island, District 9, Kick-Ass, anything from Quentin Tarantino, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, LOTR, POTC :)
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    Top Gear, The Simpsons, Michael McIntyre's comedy roadshow, Harry Hill's Tv Burp
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    The Lovely Bones, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Lord of the Rings, Matched, Vampire Academy (title makes it sound shit but it's actually really good)
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    All the main CDs and some other stuff.
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  1. heya! You still around on here? I left for a long time due to school etc. I'm sorry I never got back to you :(. Hope you are well!

  2. I've got twitter but I NEVER use it:LOL: can I have yours?:D

    I haven't read the hunger games, but all of my friends have:erm: If you have, are they any good?:)

    By the way, today was a very awkward day because all the girls in my class went to that place where you are for "special" stuff If you know what I mean:ninja: and a guy old us to sit in a sofa and wait and then he went out of the room. And everybody was like omg THANK GOD he went out cause we are not going to talk about embarrassing stuff with him:LOL: but then HE CAME BACK and everyone stared at eachother and I could see this panic in everybody's eyes..I stared at the ground the first couple of minutes...and he talked with us about VERY awkward stuff and he asked us really wierd questions and every time we answered correctly we got a condom:LOL: (And he showed us one as well and like held up a bigger and a smaller one and bloody hell I thought I was going to die!!!) But I think he thought it was quite awkward aswell cause he was red as a tomato:chuckle:

  3. Hey!!!!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't spoken to you in aagggesss, I've just not really come online for a while :$ Anyway, hows life!? :)

  4. Hahaha, barely anybody I know has Tumblr so I wouldn't be able to get them to set it up for me and I'd get worried that I would mess it all up!!!! :LOL: Haha, I love your Tumblr :D Haha, I know quite a few people on Twitter who get seriously addicted!!! :LOL: Have you got Twitter?? Oh my word that is awesome!!!!!!! Have you seen or read The Hunger Games???:D

  5. The great thing with Tumblr is that you feel like you're not alone:shifty: Everyone there has some kind of obsession and they're so funny:LOL: And they have all these gifs:happy: here's mine :)http://cucumberbatchbitch.tumblr.com/

    Lol let me explain the wierd name, first when my friends and I discovered Sherlock we saw that the actor who plays Sherlock was named Benedict Cumberbatch. And we laughed everytime we said his name, and we mixed Benedict with Benedictus and that is that wierd pedo pove you know, and we mixed Cumberbatch with cucumberbatch...And we have this wierd thing we say when we don't understand something: "Who is this cucumberbatch?" And if we don't like someone we call then a cucumberbitch (not loud though:chuckle:) Anyways, the only bad thing with tumblr is that you can sit for hours and scroll on your dashboard and the awesomeness never ends, and you get addicted, like I said before:LOL: And oh my god this cracks me up everytime, click on play and watch the gif!! http://cucumberbatchbitch.tumblr.com/post/20584620743/chequeredglasses-valesmf-instant

  6. I MISSED YOU TOO!!!!!!!:D Naaawwwww!!!!!! My friend has a huge Sherlock obsession, but I think she likes Benedict Cumberbatch ;) Hehe, I love dreams like that!!!! :D I've been good thanks!!!!!!:) And no I don't have tumblr :( I don't know whether to get it or not :unsure:

  7. RACHEEEEL YOU'RE ALIVEEE:party::party::\mm/: I've missed you sooo much, I was thinking about you today:eek: I've been good, i've got a bbc sherlock crush. Yesterday I dreamed that I sat on a swing with Martin Freeman (Watson you know) and since that moment, I've fallen in love with him, he's so cute and looks like a hedgehog.

    How are you??:) and do you have a tumblr? I'm addicted:stunned:

  8. Hey, I'm really sorry I've been gone so long I just haven't been on here in absolutely ages and whenever i have come on here I haven't had the chance to reply to anyone or anything :( Anyways, how are you????:)

  9. I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY I'VE BEEN GONE SOOOOO LONG!!!!!!!!!! I dunno why I've just not been on here in ages and whenever I do come on here I have barely anytime to do anything, I'm reeeeaaallyy sorry!!! So how have you been????:)

  10. Merry Christmas Rachel!!:xmas: I hope you have a good one :) oh and I just watched Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging, the one you told me about :D I loved it, I laughed so much when she runned around as a stuffed olive in the beginning...That film maked me realise that I am a teen again lol..,anyway if you see this, respond so that I know that you're aliiiiveee:ninja:

  11. Hello you!! How have you been? :D

  12. This song is epic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_M9l3qWE-Y . Where are you btw? it's okay, I'm just wondering :kiss:

  13. That sucks about your school! Yeah I agree, if they're going to teach a language at least teach a language that's interesting lol. So how have you been? Are you still able to ride in the winter? I can't believe how fast this year went by!


    Thanks! I had an awesome lesson! Unfortunately my instructor forgot her saddle but we just did a bunch of ground work instead. It was so much fun! I'm honestly happy she forgot her saddle :LOL:


    So do you have any plans for Halloween? :awesome:


    I'm so sorry for being late again! Please know I never forget, it just takes me a while sometimes. Especially with the amount of family drama lately (:LOL:) I hope you're doing well! :kiss:

  14. :$:eek: so sorry again!

    I've been busy lately! GCSE coursework takes up too much time! :chuckle: I've been working on some piano covers :) i uploaded one today :happy: how've you been for the past couple of weeks?

    :dance: I want an Origin t-shirt! I bought a Grohl For President Tshirt today! And a Hollister hoody :awesome:

  15. Yeah songs often grow on me too :D I'm good, I LOVE fridays :happy: everybody's so happy and all easy subjects is on this day so you kind of feel smart lol :rolleyes: Oh and i'm going to sleep over at my friends house tomorrow and it's gonna bee aweeeesomeeeee :awesome: We're going to watch Sweeney Todd (Johhny Depp <3), The ring (maybe) and some other films aswell..I think :p How are you??

    The instrumental version of that song I sent to you recently is so beautiful!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTWe6fwm5B4

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