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  1. So am I the only one who got completely screwed over by the queuing system? I was the one going around at about 7:30 ish asking people to hold a spot for me since I didn't have my ticket and had no idea where to go . I ended up waiting at M, got my ticket at 4, and it said I was at H I went over there, and it was a giant clusterfuck so I decided to stay at M, since I was assured by multiple people that it would still work. Nope. My ticket wouldn't work there so I had to go to H while they were letting people in. I still ended up getting a pretty decent spot, but it was ridiculously frustrating. On the other hand, fucking Blackout. I cried during it. It really was a great concert last night, though I wish we could have gotten Dead Star or Bliss.
  2. So, I'm from the US and couldn't get my ticket shipped overseas, so I have to pick it up at 17:00 on the day of. But I was planning on getting there early, and I have no idea what my entrance is, because I don't have my ticket yet. Anyone have any suggestions about what I should do?
  3. A lot of the songs, bar a couple, are decent to awesome. But as a whole, I find the album to be very meh.
  4. I was very pleasantly surprised. The fact that it didn't suck almost brought me to tears at first listen. Seriously. I hated Survival when I first heard it. I thought Madness was quite meh. I didn't like Unsustainable. Now, I love Survival, kinda like Madness, and hate Unsustainable. And really like almost all of the rest. Especially Panic Station. Also, the thread creator stole my avatar
  5. Here's my album order at the moment. 1. Black Holes and Revelations: So many amazing songs, and such a variety. I never get sick of listening to it. Despite what many think on here, I think it's just coherent enough to make it an actual album, and I love the fact that the songs are so varied. It works, too, because there are only two real weak songs (Invincible and Soldier's Poem, the rest are good to amazing). The other songs, like City of Delusion, Knights, Map, and Hoodoo, make up for it easily. 2. Origin of Symmetry: So many good songs on here. It is easily more consistently good than Black Holes, but there aren't as many standouts, in my opinion. My favorites are Bliss, Hyper Music, Micro Cuts, and Screenager, and the others are good as well, but there's just not as much variety as Black Holes, and there aren't as many "Holy shit this is amazing" moments, at least in my opinion. The top two albums are very close, but Origin doesn't quite take the title of best album. 3. Absolution/ The 2nd Law: These two are pretty evenly matched. Starting with Absolution: Some of my favorite Muse songs are on this album, like Butterflies, Hysteria, and Stockholm Syndrome. But there are a glaring amount of weaker tracks, including one that I absolutely cannot stand (ToaDA). I'm really not a fan of Endlessly or FAWY or Apocalypse Please (gasp!). 2nd Law is very similar: I absolutely love Panic Station, Animals, and Survival, and Explorers to an extent. But I cannot stand Unsustainable, and there are definitely some other weaker songs on this album, like Save Me and Madness. So, basically, both albums are pretty polarized, with both amazing songs and not-so-good songs. 4. Showbiz/ The Resistance: Showbiz, being their first, is obviously not up to par with their later stuff. But I really enjoy stuff like Sunburn, HTaILY and Showbiz. Overall, it's really a pretty good album (except for Overdue, can't stand that one). But, again it's not exactly amazing. The Resistance has some great moments (MK Ultra, USoE, Exogenesis), but the rest of the album is either okay to not that great. I find it a little hard to sit through the whole album. No song on it is that glaringly bad (okay, maybe GL, but it's not as bad as people say it is), but I just can't really feel like I legitimately enjoy listening to all of it. Both of these albums are pretty much equal to me because despite some great songs, they're both kind of meh on the whole. Sorry for the length, just a random ramble because I can't sleep
  6. Love: Panic Station Animals Explorers Like a bit: Isolated System Supremacy Big Freeze Survival Like some: Madness Save Me Liquid State Follow Me ....Not terrible I guess...: Unsustainable
  7. Here's mine, which will probably change soon, as I've only heard the album once. BHaR = OoS > Abso > T2L >>> TR > Showbiz
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