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Record Store Day 2010


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:LOL: Totally!


I wonder if that's what inspired Muse to do the Exo 12" in black since they do reference Spinal Tap from time to time.. ;)


That would be hilarious! But they should have left it without anything on it to keep Really true to ST! 'It's like, how much more black can this be? And the answer is... none... none more black' :LOL:

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Got outbid on one, the bastards, lol.


Most of these are going for less than £20 on eBay now (obv exclusing shipping), so I'm not spending more than that on one of these vinyls. But knowing my luck, I won't get one for cheap :rolleyes:. I'll forever hate my ex-laptop for breaking down when these went on pre-sale :mad: lol


I see some greedy git has one on ebay now "£110 buy it now" :eek:

So many of us missed out on the pre-sale - just takes you to be away from the forum for a day or two. Even when I'm on the forum I don't check out the news section every time - as the news usually will filter through to other threads.

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You want an audio interface, something like this: http://www.dv247.com/computer-hardware/apogee-duet-firewire-audio-interface-for-apple-logic-studio--45966


And I presume you already have an amplifier for the turntable, just connect from the amplifier to the interface and record in whatever software and edit it a bit. Will all seem very confusing at first though.



And mine came today and my reaction was pretty much this:






cheers - but that is expensive at £358 :(, do you know if any other cheaper options that still do a good job. I thought something around £60 to £90 might be decent - but then I have never looked into this sort of gear.

I could just buy a hell of a lot of the albums I want to convert as used CD's from ebay for £358 and just ripp them to FLAC. Then I would not have the hasle of then spliting the recordings into separate tracks etc. At the end of the day I still listen to my vinyl in the house, this is really just to free it up and get some albums onto the ipod. It would be great to have all my music backed up (part of the reason I'm converting all my CD's to FLAC) but for the vinyl it's going to be very time consuming & hard work :rolleyes:


Oh: I do have a good turntable pre-amp/ amp set-up - so at least that part is sorted.


yes - I like the Spinal Tap clip

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don't bother going to digital from your vinyl... just get the cd. muse used lavry A/D converters(costs 10k++ each) to go back into digital after mixing to half-inch, and i dont think you can get a better A/D than the lavry.


that said.. im still waiting for my exogensis vinyl. muse shop is horribly bad...

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