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  1. I ended up 3 codes mailed to me. Two just before 9 and one after. Ticket purchase was fine
  2. Has anyone seen a Tweet saying they've got a code cos all I've seen are people saying they haven't?
  3. The fact that one person claims to have got a code at 9.01 this morning (when I got mine) in an email that said the codes would be sent out in a separate email suggests that no code was received. So, I'm not panicking - yet!
  4. Great evening in Brighton. 18th time for Muse and one of the very best. Love this shot of Matt.
  5. Great evening in unique surroundings. Nice and close to the runway without the crush, one benefit was the absence of alchohol which kept the physical stuff down for us old timers Hope this photo can be seen.
  6. Not sure anything was sold from Ticketmaster this morning. If so, they went by 9.00.01
  7. I think the limit (2 per person/card) is odd as there was no card needed. I did 'buy' more than one pair but put other people's names in for that. I don't think it means 2 per account. I wouldn't worry as long as your Ticketmaster account shows the purchase in the order history.
  8. Has anyone got a Ticketmaster confirmation email yet? I can see the ticket purchase details in my TM account.
  9. I see some are on ebay at up to £100 per ticket. These are free tickets, naughty IMO to make any money out of it. Hope I haven't given any of you ideas!
  10. My 14th Muse gig, definitely my favourite, even with Royal Albert Hall, Marlay Park and Teignmouth taken into consideration. Muse arena and stadium shows are always special but this was beyond compare. Loved the fact that not only was this intimate, there were no stage gimics or contraptions to enhance or distract. It was clear how much the boys enjoyed it as a 'one-off'. Chris and Dom's tweets today said as much. Such an amazing atmosphere. I know there were a couple 'rare' outings for a song but most of it was predictable and none the worse for it. I haven't seen the broadcast of the stream yet so will take time to calm down before I watch that. All I know is that I had trouble getting some good sleep last night!
  11. I'm not as old as you but I'm still getting on at 56. My family are huge Muse fans and have many gigs between us over the past decade, having gigs such as Teignmouth, Royal Albert Hall and Marley Park under our belts. We decided to pool our applications across the 2 dates and 'won' 3 of the 5 we applied for. I used one of the failed applications for some seats in Block 111 on Friday night for myself/wife. Like the previous 2 tours, we'll stand on the Saturday for the different experience. I know this may seem unfair when so many are desperate to go once and I'm sympathetic. It is possible to place a one night limit per household/member but even then it would be impossible to fully control without ID checks. The O2 simply would be too difficult to get 16k checks done quickly and efficiently without wristbands that can be secured, applied and acquired earlier. The BBC Proms did this, maybe the best anti-tout appproach I've seen recently.
  12. The failure point was the ability to sign up and then apply. That was not fair to loyal members who have been here for years. The other issue is that groups with deeper pockets could pool together and increase their chances, with the ability to sell off (profit) from the excess if they were overly 'lucky'. The unique password worked very well in the past and should have been considered this time.
  13. Not a good idea. We pooled 5 applications and got 3, spread across the two days. Two were newly signed up for this. Happy with our tickets but we were able to withstand the financial hit, many could not. Unique link for members with some 'history/loyalty' should have been the way IMO.
  14. Hi :D

    I am just dropping a line asking about the exo trade :).


  15. Hi Peter,


    You have my mobile number. I am not now sure whats happening perhaps you could let me know.





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