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Matthew Bellamy - The World's Greatest Living Guitarist?


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srry im dumb


Not dumb, just inexperienced. You should look into more music before claiming artists are "The World's Greatest Living Guitarist". Matt is certainly good at what he does, but that's not the same as being the the best in the world. Maybe most innovative guitarist in the world would be a fitting title, but even that's a srtetch.

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Hi Guys


Thanks for all the interest, thought I'd drop by and comment on some of the earlier comments and to let you know that we have a new running total up on the blog and Matthew is featuring in the top ten for the first time so I guess most of that is due to this thread.




The poll is really the end result of several ongoing debates (sometimes heated) amongst us here at dbTwang and friends. We decided to have the poll to put this ongoing debate out there for the world to have it's say. We drew up a shortlist and then took suggestions from readers of our blog, so there are indeed some strange inclusions and omissions but I guess that's the nature of anything that is community led.


Personally I think musical expression is territorial rather than hierarchical, in that guitarists stake out their own style and voice and it either connects or doesn't. So I guess you could argue that making the debate a horserace is a little disingenuous. The point of the poll and particularly forcing ourselves to choose just three is to make us really consider what it is that connects for us and which of these great guitarists (and they are all great within their own territories) have lengthened the vanishing point of possibilities for the guitar either through innovative technique or sound and within that context I think Matthew's place in the poll is well deserved.





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angus young could chop him in two on stage and he doesn't even use one effect, guitar ---> amp = rock


no fannying about with all those flangerbangers and wiggy wogger delay pedals


You make no sense if you're saying Matt sucks at guitar and all he does is using effects... Mostly the only effect he uses is delay and that isn't really an effect which automatically makes you sound awesome without being good.

I'd even say he doesn't use some of his effect to their full potential(kaoss pad, anyone?)

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As much as I love Matt, he is definitely not the greatest of all time. He has a bit better rhythm and general playing skill than me, plus he can tap like a motherfucker (which I'm still working at) AND manipulate a Whammy at the same time. Plus the making of Guiding Light video shows the man can shred. But there are way better guitarists out there on the technical front.


But, that said, since when is it about the technical skill involved? A guitar is a musical instrument, for making music. And Matt Bellamy, in my mind, is one of the greatest musicians alive today. So doesn't that mean he IS one of the greatest guitarists (in my mind)?


Best musician alive (in my opinion)? Absolutely yes. A smashing piano player? Hell to the yeah. One of the greatest guitarists? Well, on the musical, rather than technical, front - bloody hell yeah.

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