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  1. Hi <3 How are you?

  2. Omg congrats Eliza!!!!! I'm so happy for you :kiss: ahh that's so great, you beat cancer and shows it who's boss :awesome:

  3. No more cancer! Two months and the scan was totally clear. And my doctor says that there's at least an 85% chance it won't come back. :awesome:

  4. melon

    Dear Niall

    Sure! Whatever works
  5. melon

    Dear Niall

    Dear Niall, SKYPE DATE? Love, Mel
  6. melon

    Taking a break from the internets :$ I've basically just been sleeping, eating, reading, and watching movies for the past week :chuckle: I don't think I'll be back frequently for a while but I'll be visiting still of course! (facebook is the best way to reach me though ;)). How have you been?

  7. Kavo

    Where have you been? :kiss:

  8. Yeah it is! Yours is too, yes?

  9. Melina-bean! I'm going to be sending my Christmas cards out super late this year, but is your address still the same?

  10. melon

    Dear Niall

    Dear Niall, Â I <3 you and when is the next boat party?! Â Love, Mel
  11. That's true! But all my art supplies are back at home...maybe I'll spend some time on it during my winter break
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