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  1. Hi K&T'ers, good to have the board back :). Matt's new axe. I like it.
  2. Wow, we're back in town! Nicely on time for the start of the tour In terms of the account I have one question: I tried to log in to the forum with my email address (since it didn't ask for my username) but that didn't really work. So I requested a new password which was sent to my email and now I can login again. However, I already have a separate account for the muse.mu/member section that now also has the same email address as my forum account (this wasn't the case earlier). Are they now automatically linked? Cheers. Edit: Okay I just logged into members section and I see they're automatically linked. That's neat, except that all my info from my original forum account before the upgrade (which was also 'Cyndris') is lost. My current account info says I joined today, and my avatar and info etc. have disappeared. @JessicaSarahS any way to get these back?
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