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  1. SpiralDale

    Psycho UK Tour

    Same discovery here, I had no idea they were separate logins :'( EDIT: Stick with it! It's not a different login, i think the server problems were just giving off wrong error messages.
  2. Reading this article on NME about bands quitting at their peak made me wonder. (http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php?blog=10&p=8476&why_james_murphy_is_right_to_quit_at_the&more=1&c=1) Muse are still massively respected, and it could be said they were at their "peak" with The Resistance. However that article goes on to give examples of artists who produced great albums and then ruined it all for themselves by keeping going, with music that wasn't so good. This remind you of anything? I'm not bashing Neutron Star Collision, as I find it quite catchy, but you can't deny it's low in Muse's standards, and in a lot of Muse fans eyes it could signal the end of the Muse they once loved. Perhaps quitting now would do them a lot of good, and leave people with good feelings towards them, before it could all go downhill? (Personally I don't want them to quit, I can't wait for another album, but discuss )
  3. Showbiz - Falling Down Origin of Symmetry - Screenager Absolution - The Small Print Black Holes & Revelations - Soldier's Poem The Resistance - Guiding Light Albums in favourite order The Resistance/Origin of Symmetry* Absolution Black Holes & Revelations Showbiz *On par with each other
  4. ahhh sweet i love David Bowie

  5. I submitted my bands cover of Hysteria as my ensemble performance for Music GCSE. I got an A
  6. Doing a survey (online pay scheme thingies) Asking me whether I hate or love artists. The artists I had to rate were: Matt Bellamy Simon Cowell Lily Allen Lady Gaga Dizzee Rascal Take That Zane Lowe Cheryl Cole Yay, he's now officially a mainstream face
  7. There's loads of Muse hate groups, my friend made one and has nearly a hundred members in a week
  8. Heartbreaker for me. Lol at people actually thinking PiB is the best
  9. Showbiz: Unintended Origin of Symmetry: New Born x2 Space Dementia Plug in Baby x2 Feeling Good x2 Absolution: Time is Running Out x2 Stockholm Syndrome x2 Interlude Hysteria x2 Butterflies and Hurricanes Black Holes: Take a Bow Starlight x2 Supermassive Black Hole x2 Map of the Problematique x2 Invincible Knights of Cydonia x2 The Resistance: Uprising Resistance Undisclosed Desires United States of Eurasia Guiding Light Unnatural Selection Exogenesis Part 1 Other: Dead Star Osaka Jam Helsinki Jam Nishe Hyper Music riff Depressed by Bliss not being there
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