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  1. Hi <3 How are you?

  2. Omg congrats Eliza!!!!! I'm so happy for you :kiss: ahh that's so great, you beat cancer and shows it who's boss :awesome:

  3. melon

    Taking a break from the internets :$ I've basically just been sleeping, eating, reading, and watching movies for the past week :chuckle: I don't think I'll be back frequently for a while but I'll be visiting still of course! (facebook is the best way to reach me though ;)). How have you been?

  4. Yeah it is! Yours is too, yes?

  5. Thanks Liam, have an awesome Halloween!

  6. Ahh I'm sorry! I'll try to delete and make some space. Thank you for defending me in the Fuckery thread by the way :(

  7. I like it! I'm a fan of piercing over tattoos definitely. Go for it :awesome:

  8. Looks fine to me! Does it serve any purpose or is it just ornamental (for lack of a better word lol)?

  9. You are so adventurous with your piercings! :LOL: <3


    Ok, I deleted a message hehe

  10. I've tried finding you before with no success! Here, add me :Dhttps://www.facebook.com/iammelion


    OMG YAY that is such amazing news!!!!! :happy: I'm so happy for you :kiss:

  11. Eliza! My inbox in full, do you want to email me instead?

  12. Hey Eliza! Could you resend your last PM to me? My inbox was full :facepalm:

  13. Being sick just sucks :noey:

  14. Aww I'm sorry :( That doe snot sound like fun. It probably did actually make you more immune to a lot of things though!

  15. :LOL:


    Well I hope your good luck continues! This year my immune system has been failing hard.

  16. Yell at her? :chuckle: This is the 5th time I've been sick this year :facepalm:

  17. I believe in you :awesome: I think it's just a cold, bleh though

  18. You troll, you :noey:


    I'm sick, but alright. How about youuu?

  19. Thread revival, coming right up!

  20. Ok, thank you!

  21. Hi Tom! Would you be able to make the thread about Eliza sticky or something? Kev suggested that I ask a mod to do that :) This is the thread btw: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?p=9297460#post9297460

  22. Squirrel fly?! :chuckle: I'm good! Going off to uni soon. What have you been up to?

  23. What's your msn? I want to add you!

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