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What new instruments should Bellamy learn?

Zaphod Chizzlebrox

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The Eigenharp looks fantastic... kinda like the love child of a Chapman Stick and a bassoon. It sounds good, too, even it doesn't sound like it's offering any really new signature sounds of its own. (Any synth/drum pad experts care to identify its sound palette?) Its greatest value appears to be in its unique configuration, the convenient and live-performance-friendly packaging of synthy sounds and electronic drum kit, further enhanced by some unusually sensitive breath-controlled modulation.


For Matt to get really into it, though, you know it'd have to offer maximum expressiveness WRT note- and tone- modification: distortion, wah & whammy effects, microtonality, and programmable timbres and sounds (like on his X-Y & Kaoss gadgets). That glissando at the 2:00 mark sounds pretty promising in that respect. (In the BBC clip, the makers said something about it having two strips... I take it they meant some kind of X-Y strips?) Without that flexibility, it's basically a pricey synth/drum mutant, which will sound stale sooner than you think. But in light of what they said about the portability of the software, it sounds like its inventors took that into account from its conception, so it's probably as programmable (and updatable) as Matt's X-Y pads.


And esp. given the inventors' Devon location, and Matt's early adoption of X-Y midi screens, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the earliest high-profile user of the Eigenharp turns out to be Matt!

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