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  1. I wrote directly to ticketmaster.it and they have corrected the link shortly before 10am. Should work now. I fortunately got my tickets, but it took more than 20 minutes because the site was ridiculously slow and had many loading errors when choosing the seats....
  2. Jeez, they posted the wrong presale link in the members section. It's the Milan gig presale....
  3. Need also help. As there's no name on my ticket receipt received via Email i'm a bit worried. Of course in addition to the Email, i'll bring my id card for identification. Is my name already connected with the receipt number or is there another document i'have to print. The rest of you who bought tickets with "will call", is your name on the Receipt or only the number? I bought the tickets via muse.mu and ticketstoday.com in presale if i remember correctly thank you for help!
  4. Hi, can someone tell me if i have to bring my orginal ID-card to pick up tickets at the festival ground? Or can i also use a copy of it? (I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable to bring the original one to the festival site). thank you
  5. honestly, neverending story by limahl would fit perfectly for a muse cover. both vocally and instrumentally..... listen to it: http://youtu.be/7Vf2sDgeu7k edit: hmmm...forgot how to insert embed videos. can someone help me?
  6. 4 tickets max, good old prato here we come. presale went smooth,code worked well cheers muse
  7. someone attending the presale on ticketone at 9am (yes, local time, thanks for the info)? some years ago i was able to buy 5 tickets via muse member presale, but without the individual code.... hope the didn't restrict it to 4
  8. has someone figured out how to use the presale code tomorrow on ticketone? will it start at 9am uk time? or 9am central european time?
  9. bologna was allways one of the best arena tour gigs. pity i didn't get tix for the first time (more fans lol). i'm happy for fabri and all the muse live virgins. for sur a good choice for a first gig. stadium would be SAN SIR... hope they still announce it
  10. Hey hey mir geats super danke dir?

    I bin erst gestern aus london zrugkemen. Wor in somstig noch 2 johr endlich wieder muse konzert. Wor echt total super. Und is UFO haha genial!

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