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  2. Pre ordered my cd weeks ago. Says it was dispatched last wednesday but it's still not here. Bad Muse shop. Bad!
  3. I was just perusing the Dsquared site and I came across these. Go on Matt, you know you want them. http://www.dsquared2.com/item.asp?cod10=44244230SM
  4. lolz, Thank you! :happy: I'm glad somebody appreciates it.

  5. Your sig is lolarious. :LOL:

  6. I have the womens Explode t-shirt and the fabric is really scratchy, like one of those crappy Fruits of the Loom shirts. All the other shirts I've got from the shop have been lovely and soft though.
  7. Were you the guy in the green t-shirt giving out sweets? edit: I say 'giving', more chucking.
  8. From what I've read on here I feel pretty lucky about our place in the crowd. Everyone was dancing and singing along, a load of nice jumping up and down for TiRO and KoC and some pretty entertaining shouts from the people behind us. We started of on Matt's side quite near to the middle barrier but after 2 songs I just thought fuck this, so me and my sister moved along untill there was space. I completely get why people want to mosh about but for me, it's just not why I go to a gig. I want to be able to hear the music, sing along and jump about a bit without being so far back you can't even see them. Not get so squished I pass out from the heat after 3 songs. So I personally love the 'flat' areas in the crowd.
  9. That's amazing! I saw that, bounced right over my head. And there was a green zeta face balloon as well just before that. I have a suspicion that happened to me as well. Over on Matt's side before they even came on. Some douche threw something as well that exploded all over everyone and went all down my back. No idea what it was but the woman behind brushed it all off for me. Thanks if you're here. And OMG they used my sister's passport photo! I screamed my head off and pointed, nearly hit this poor woman in the head I was so excited. She laughed though and thought it was pretty cool.
  10. Yay! I was on the sexy plaaaaaaane!
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