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  1. I disagree. You need some degree of musical ability. I would love to play guitar, have had lessons and failed miserably.
  2. I keep trying to convince my husband that Chris is the most likeable member of the band - for some reason hubby thinks Chris is a tosser! I shall make him watch this interview. That should change his mind.
  3. My son's 10 and he's a huge Muse fan. He's seen them twice now and thinks they're the best band in the world. He has Muse t-shirts, wears red skinny jeans and tries to get his hair to look like Matt's. He's been learning electric guitar since January and is pretty good (yes I know I'm biased!) and has mastered TIRO and SMBH. Not only that - he can't pronounce the letter 'r' properly and talks 1000 words a minute. A mini Bellamy in the making!
  4. I'd be interested to hear what the view's like from the seats in the upper tiers of the stadium too. I'm a bit worried that I'll only see the top of the stage set when I'm at Wembley.
  5. Buying tickets always gives me heart failure.
  6. Try Ticketmaster - they currently have GA/Level 1 tix available.
  7. Hasn't Lily Allen recently announced that she was taking some time out of performing to have babies (or is that just wishful thinking on my part!)? Knowing Muse's track record with support acts the 'big' female star will most likely turn out to be someone like Pixie Lott or Diana Vickers
  8. It is actually 80p for 2 - they've been on offer in Tescos.
  9. This. I'm not paying 79p of my hard earned cash if it turns out to be Guiding Light Pt 2. I'd much rather spend the money on 2 bars of Galaxy Cookie Crumble.
  10. I reckon Kasabian are at the stage where they'd be headlining stadium gigs rather than supporting someone else.
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