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both my center punch and wire stripper have gone missing... I want to get this finished.




The purple PCB wasn't enough to ensure that I sound like Jimi Hendrix. One side was green, so it automatically makes it sound like an angry beehive being destroyed by a chainsaw inside a metal trash bin.


Just to be safe, I will order some purple control knobs.

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Instagram is da tone.


But seriously, that purple is <3


Meanwhile, my move over to momentary stomp switches is looking brighter by the minute. Oscilloscope shows a slight pulse on the switching on but the tradeoff is switching time vs spike. Should be okay, I'll give it a try soon in a pedlol.


And Neil, couldn't do a 470 resistor for the LED, it just didn't trigger the relay. 1K was fine though and with superbrights, plenty to show a pedal is on. Only draw back of this is it takes about >10mA of current at least when bypassed, so batteries could be a no go. Also means you have the option of choosing if the pedal switches on when you connect power or not.



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Aren't you worried that your digital oscilloscope will destroy your fragile harmonics and your true bypass analog toenz?


Very worried, that's why I got the most vintage digital one available.


James, they are both correct if you aren't wiring a LED. I normally use a true bypass wiring schematic that grounds input when bypassed. Cbf finding the picture on my phone.

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Having a test of 3d printing a stencil for painting. There's 2 benefits to this as far as what I'm aiming for. 1, seriously easy to get detailed stencils. 2, if its a bit patchy and it leaks a little, I won't mind. I think it'll look a bit more authentic. Pics or its a soldano?




Shitguize, its a leldano

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Not really, but it says (from what I can see)




??? something



Neil said it looked like a craig anderson tube sound fuzz. All it does is make the sound really bright, thinner, and SLIGHTLY overdriven.... barely


and that's with both of the controls all the way up

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