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Sing For Absolution appreciation thread


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Love this song,one of my top ten Muse songs,wish they would it in their setlists again.

Love the Glasto version



This is definitely the best live version. I haven't found one where he goes all out on the last chorus like in the studio version, he always switches for falsetto except for the "and our sooooooooooouls" bit. It's prob too hard to nail in the middle of gig.

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I wonder if they did it again Matt would use chest voice for the final bit now.


I still don't think Matt will hit that A4 note live. They play MK Ultra down half a step, which reaches A4 during the verses in the studio version.


But I dunno. His technique has improved immensely in recent times. I'd say if sometime soon he can reach that note live, we'll see SFA return. :)

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