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  1. I don't really care the genre, the only thing I'm really looking for in the album is originality, and while I was a bit split on that Drones clip posted today, it's way too early to judge. Going more classic-rock inherently brings along with it some challenge when it comes to making something original, but whatever the direction I'll still be excited, because I know there's going to be at least a song or two on the album I'm going to absolutely adore, and that's worth the hype for me. On T2L, that was Explorers.
  2. Lel, I need to make more covers so I'm not this random ghost lurking around the forum posting a few times a year. Anyway, Karma Police, piano/voice: cWGuR8oURHw I decided to mic the piano with two SM57s, it actually turned warm and clear, I'm pleased! Ignore the squeak, that's the sustain pedal. I'm getting this feller tuned shortly.
  3. I've run into this strange problem with my voice where after I got sick, for a week and a half now I've had absolutely no falsetto, it's as if something is ingrained in my throat. I tried singing for the first time since, and surprisingly, my full voice is all there (but a bit weaker than normal), but there's still literally zero falsetto - I can't even make a squeak. Anyway, I tried out doing a little sketch of the second verse (?) of Escape on piano and voice: [soundcloud] [/soundcloud] Crits on the vocals if possible? Aside from being totally unable to get the rasp on the second 'mad', there's something I'm not fond of, though I can't figure out what. My ears are pretty wasted from the illness as well, and my self-assessment is at about a 1/10 right now.
  4. Working on a full cover of Radiohead's Dollars and Cents: [soundcloud] [/soundcloud] Does this clip sound right? I really can't tell anymore. Lel, I cringe when I listen to myself try to imitate Yorke. I actually used a real bass here, which is unusual, as I'm usually pretty keen on my MIDI basses.
  5. Hey Matt, we're both doing Muscle Museum. Nice coincidence. In my full cover, I finally managed to imitate the guitar-amp screaming effect (just showing the end, as I want to upload the full thing with a video): [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/rayfan9876-absolution/muscle-museum-cover-ending[/soundcloud] Wow, SoundCloud absolutely destroys the clarity of the mix I had going.
  6. Hahah, that's literally perfect! You have one tight virtual band, are you guys planning on meeting up at some point? -- My online friend and I for the first time decided to do a quick cover together, so we did Unintended. He's on guitar, I'm singing: [YT]kT89Jk5I_Rs[/YT] Yes, I have done two Unintended covers before, but they were each two years apart. This one here was done in just one take, and in light of that, I think it turned out pretty well. Apologies for the noise, he doesn't have a microphone aside from his camera. It was sort of a spontaneous decision to do the cover, so for next time he'll probably get an SM57 or something.
  7. Chris singing the chorus is definitely the best way to go, since it lets Matt focus on the main riff, which I'd imagine would be a bit hard to play so casually while trying to sustain that constant A after all that came before it. Plus, it adds variety.
  8. I wasn't aware that people were initially inspired to hear B&H for its amazing lyrical prowess.
  9. [YT]wwCpz_Dwv6Y[/YT] So much strain. So much love.
  10. Whereas The Resistance was just polished-polished, The 2nd Law to me sounds more rough-polished, which is what I like about it so much. It's like... rough and polished at the same time. Though, if anyone feels it is too polished, they could just call in a few Germans to deal with it. Follow Me is great. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist is not.
  11. Aye, Dead Star for me as well. For some reason, I keep coming back to Escape, over and over again. I keep rediscovering its awesomeness every five minutes it seems, but here's something new: The Escape EP. During "I take ball all the things that I said", he sounds like a fucking murderer. It's gorgeous.
  12. I'm not sure I understood what you meant there, can you elaborate? Sorry about that. I'll list explanations for what I think you might have possibly meant: - If by 'lines' you mean lyrics, then I'm fairly sure those are the correct ones, as that's how they appear inside the booklet of my album case. - If by 'lines' you meant the melody, I added the jump-up on the octave by mistake, but I thought it turned out well, so I kept it. - If you meant that you believe covers should be as close to the original as possible, that's what I was trying to do here for the most part. - If the comment was usilising sarcasm, then I'll explain that the whole intention of my latest covers is to imitate the original as closely as I can.
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