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    i love hawt guys :'>
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    Dom's flat
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    Dominic Howard, musics, photographs, Drawing, Dominic Howard, Tom Chaplin, Jamie Cullum, Zachary Quinto, Jared Leto, Justin Bartha
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    Keane, U2, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Used, Queen, Coldplay, Radiohead, Shiny Toy Guns
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    Harry Potter, Mr.Bean
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    Nanny 911, Live In Abbey Road, Mtv Pimp My ride, Mtv scarred
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    Harry Potter, Naruto, Raditya Dika
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    cd and cassete of Absolution
    cassete of Black Holes
    cd of The Resistance
    and all of Muse's songs there's on my Mp4.
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    once in my country. and i missed it. i am so sad
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  1. Hey - sorry! I left the forum for a while, but now I'm back :).

    How are you? Long time no speak!

  2. ah indonesian muser thread udah setaun lebih gak ngepost di board :') halo. perkenalkan, Meirizka. akrab dipanggil memer. sudah jadi penghuni board sejak 09'. dulu rajin2nya nge board, sekarang udah molor. hahaha. nice to meet you.
  3. hi AM! it's veeeerryyy nice to write some txt to you in here.

    do you remember me? i'm SO SORRY for gone so long :(


    how are you? i've been missing you here :)

  4. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year :kiss:.

  5. hello Am :)


    long time no contact. hehee

  6. I don't but you can always ask on the thread what font is it :).

  7. err.. Am, can i ask ya something?


    do you know the font that used by Muse Lolz ? :/

  8. lha? aku udah lupa e mbak.. lgian ga aku tulis. tiba2 muncul aja. lagian aku blom pernah posting literature d DA..
  9. oops.. i was making a poem for matt. and i realized, mod watching us all. so i deleted it. the poem was english. bobrok bener deh -- sorrey.
  10. tapi kalo twitpic sih gapapa. brarti mreka ada kegiatan kan
  11. tapi kalo twitpic sih gapapa. brarti mreka ada kegiatan kan
  12. hmm.. kalo ngepost twitpic sih gapapa. tandanya mreka ada kegiatan kan ?
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