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  1. Ah, those comments on Reddit... If it wasn't so expensive and they didn't give the impression that the setlist would be themed, then I wouldn't care. Because I know I'll have a good time anyway. But for the prices, 17 songs is just way too little, I don't get how people can argue against that. And by adding 5 or so more songs, they could keep virtually everyone happy. But, they can play what they want if they lower the prices, don't play some songs half-arsed, don't use play back intervals just to pass time, and don't have technical issues. My only issue is that people are not getting value for money. And I completely agree, yes they need to cater for the US market, but it's totally unfair to not throw the old fans a bone whatsoever. I mean, they could so easily add in just 1 rarity. Casuals can survive 1 song they don't like, I'm sure. It's twatty to give preference to certain areas/gigs. But ofc this has been said so many times before...
  2. Alright then, I'll give you the first one. But I just didn't find that song interesting. The others I like, but don't love.
  3. I've not listened to one song all the way through, bit of an exaggeration there.
  4. Yeah me too. Sunburn, MM and Showbiz are probably the only songs I really like off of Showbiz.
  5. I actually don't think I've listened to HTAILY all the way through, can't even remember what it sounds like.
  6. I agree with all the posts that Map is the perfect single that keeps the 'hardcore' fans happy. It's one of my favourites by them. And surely Map is more well known that AP? And I know it's been said before, but seriously AP/FG rotation? Are they guessing which nights have the 'real' fans and the casual goers? Or do they think both songs are equally good? I was always under the impression that they (rarely) checked the board? I'm sure I read someone say that on here but I could have made that up. I'm kind of regretting forking out for Birmingham as well as Manchester. As much as I hope the sets get better, it's highly unfair on the gigs so far.
  7. Missed out on presale and this morning for standing tickets. Gave up but just decided sod it and got some crap seats. I'll still enjoy it
  8. Thank you. :)

    Aye, and I'm not lucky enough to live by the beach. ;)

  9. Ahh good stuff and thanks, same to you with your final exams. :)

    And meee tooo, shame about the crappy weather at the moment though. Could do with a trip to the beach...

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