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  1. Hey Chris. How are you man? Long time no talk. :)

  2. No worries man!


    And yeah that would be great! I have already started saving money so maybe I could do it a couple of summers from now. I'm an awful spender though so we'll see how this goes. :LOL:

  3. Aw shit I forgot to reply again.



    Sorry man, I'm terrible at this.


    Well yes-ish I guess.

    Oh you totally should! And if you stop in Switzerland you could crash at my place for a few days and I'll show you around Zürich and Lucerne. c:

  4. Wow man, that sounds really cool!!


    And that sounds like it'll be fun. :) Is it kind of like of an official YMT meet?


    Yeah, Sweden was nice. I spent a lot of time in Norway and it's a very beautiful country. I would love to go back to Europe sometime, maybe when I'm older and have more money haha

  5. Dude, you wouldn't believe. We went up there and literally improvised half of the set and the crowd loved it! Hell, we even got a mosh pit going. :LOL:


    The meet is just something we all wanted to do for ages! Taylor and Stephen are done with high school now so they both plan their senior trips to London and I got the trip offered as present for my 18th birthday. :awesome: We'll just hang out and do touristy things and it'll be nice.


    Ah sounds fantastic! I absolutely want to visit Sweden and Iceland at some point, lovely countries.

  6. It's all good! I completely forgot about that anyway haha


    That's awesome bro! I'm so jealous that you're in a band. What's the meet up for?


    Life's been pretty good as well. Just got back a few days ago from a 4 week vacation to Europe with my grandparents. :) We visited all the Scandinavian countries (except Finland) and it was a blast. Other than that, things have been pretty relaxed. Just enjoying my summer vacation.

  7. Aw I just realized I didn't see the message you sent me by the end of '12. :( Sorry, man.


    Great, man! Life is phenomenal. Played the first gig with my band (it went fantastically) and booked two other ones for August, I'll meet up with Stephen and Taylor and a few others in London in July etc etc. Good shit happening.

    Also; I failed the term but that's okay if I do a decent job in my finals which is why I'm studying hard and I'm hella busy as of late.


    You? c:

  8. Hey man. Long time no talk! How have you been?

  9. hey Chris how've you been? :)

  10. no. :( had an exam on the next day. oh well.

  11. Did you end up seeing GYBE??

  12. I'm good thank's :) just kind of bored.

  13. pretty well you?

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