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Which kind of Muser are you?


Which period of Muse do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which period of Muse do you prefer?

    • Pre-Absolution(through Hullabaloo soundtrack) - hard and gritty
    • Absolution to present - polished and sophisticated
    • I love all of it equally
    • This is a stupid, stuipid poll. Epic fail.

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Guest QueenOfNerds

Generally I prefer the older stuff, but some of my all time favourite muse songs (well favourite songs of all time) are on BH&R... so tough one to call.

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haha, epic fail:) (no it wasnt me, just reminded me of something)

I like OoS a lot, but as someone else said some of my absolute fav songs are on the later albums... But I love almost every song they've done:rolleyes::p

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I love the early stuff but Abso may well be my fav Muse album, followed by Origin. I think that BH&R har some great tunes (Assassin, KoC, MOTP, SMBH) but also some really weak tracks (Starlight, Invincible). Showbiz also got some weaker songs but the energy and youthful desperation make up for the lack of 'quality' in some of the songs. BH&R is simply too polished and tame imo.


Hullabaloo is simply perfection, I love that one. HAARP is also great, but it just doesn't touch me as Hullabaloo does. Abso tour DVD is somewhere in between.



This said, I voted "I love all equally", because I (almost) do :musesign:

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Eras are wrong for me.


Early/Showbiz is a different era to OOS/Hullabaloo for me. I much prefer the latter because of the depth they had to their songs.


Completely different Musey periods. The contrast between album 1 and 2 is astounding.

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Well, considering Absolution was the first album I listened to, I will always count it as my favorite, followed closely by Origin of Symmetry. I think both are masterpieces and I love them.


I thought Showbiz was a bit on the weak side especially the latter half of the album, but I understand it's because they chose the least progressive songs to put on it, a 'safe' album.


Black Holes and Revelations is pure experimental and exploration with a few added familiarities and the 'tightness' of the songs make it brilliant.


So with the boys having these behind them as experience, I'm confident they know exactly what to do on the next album which may as well blow everything else out of the water.

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I like Origin Of Symmetry the most usually; the songs are very energetic and well composed, and they just make you go 'wow'.

That said, I have to admit I am one of the Absolution fans. Absolution was the first Muse album I bought, having heard Hysteria. I remember some people being very against Absolution fans when it came out because it was considered much more commercial than the other two albums. I still love Absolution to pieces though :happy:

Showbiz and Black Holes and Revelations are also pretty great, although I favour songs like Sober over Muscle Museum or Sunburn, and I'm quite a fan of Soldier's Poem despite the fact that many people don't like it.

I think I generally favour Abso and OoS because I have memories of really discovering Muse with them, so that makes them stand out in my mind :D

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