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Tarja covers Muse


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Tarja Turunen (original singer of Nightwish) has felt the need to do a cover of Supremacy on her new album The Shadow Self. I can't say I'm a fan of her version, but judge for yourselves...

I couldn't find the studio recording on youtube, but it's on Spotify and all.




I don't usually like covers of Muse songs but I think this is awesome. Her operatic approach totally delivers.

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Sooo... I usually appreciate people breaking genre limitations, but Supremacy is a song Tarja should NOT have chosen, if she wanted to cover Muse. Supremacy originally is quite an oddball tbh, the throwback to 60's-70's rock and the quite obvious Bond-themes make it a somewhat unique song. Then trying to make it a symphonic metal song? Wtf? Something like Micro Cuts would be a lot more fitting for Tarja's style. The verses on Supremacy simply go from a too low register for her and the setup her band has clearly is not on par for how complicated Supremacy is on the sounds and backing tracks.

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I mean, isn't that sort of what Supremacy already is? She just seems to have exaggerated it a bit more.


I think it's mostly just Muse doing their best(or worse, depends how you see it) LZ impression and trying to make as 007-song as possible.


Sure it's symphonic, but I can't see it as metal and barely as rock. It's really more like a soundtrack-type of a song with how massive it is imo.

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