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  1. yes yes yes. They could do this gig 4 times over but with a completely different set of deep cuts/ genuine rarities/unreleased songs each time, and all the gigs would be awesome. It was a thrilling gig. All due thanks to Muse, and to for the board for lobbying.
  2. I also went to these gigs and agree about Earls's Court '04. R&L was marred for me because some of the crowd near me didn't know half the Origin songs and lost interest, so the crowd atmosphere wasn't as great as it could have been. I'd add Wembley 2007 to the list of great 'big' gigs. But SBE was bloody epic, and surpassed my expectations completely. I'd love to see them do Absolution from start to finish. That'd be my dream gig.
  3. Yeah, probably you are right But I can see why those posts would get up the noses of people who would loved to have gone to a gig like that and couldn't get tickets/travel etc
  4. Yes I know Butterflies was voted in, that's not my point. It was one of the 4 songs that 005 complained about getting, as above. He didn't receive those 4 songs well, and his comments have been pretty vitriolic, triggering a lot of reaction in this thread. That includes Serpent Satellite's post, to which I was responding My point is, most of us (almost all?) were very grateful for what we got. imo.
  5. tbf it's not 'people' upset about getting Knights at SBE it's one person in particular who is being an entitled whiner (and I agree should go FO). The overwhelming majority of people, including many from this board who attended the gig, were delighted with the setlist at SBE. When Knights, PIB, Hysteria, and Butterflies were played they fitted right in with the vibe at the gig, and were greeted rapturously at the time. It was a great gig, and we were really lucky to be there. I think that is the sentiment expressed by the vast majority of those who were there.
  6. I remember this - you timed your landing over the barrier, after your crowd surf, to coincide exactly with the end of Knights - made me laugh bec you looked back at us triumphantly as if you had orchestrated the whole gig!
  7. These are amazing! Thanks for posting, thought it was a troll at first, but really sounds genuine. Chris's harmonic singing is spot on. Must admit I didn't hear that in the mix on Sat, prob bec I was too busy bouncing and singing along myself. Epic night.
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