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Can anyone tell my why Fabri got banned? And also when is the leak coming?



Not really though.



I don't want to listen to the songs one by one each day but I'm afraid I'll have to listen to them just to avoid having my expectations influenced by other people here.

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I've been looking into the drones.muse.mu site (mainly because I'm bored waiting for The Handler).


When the page is happy that you're at a lever location, it sends off a GET request to http://drones.muse.mu/confirm


The body of the request is along the lines of:

   "id"           : <drone id num>
   "lat"          : <current latitude>
   "lng"         : <current longitude>
   "last_lat"   : <last latitude. Dunno where it gets that from but it accepts NaN>
   "last_lng"  : <last longitude. Also accepts NaN as above>
   "lever"       : <index of the lever you're at>
   "distance" : <distance from lever. I believe it accepts a 100m radius>
   "heading"  : <compass heading in degrees>


If it's happy with the request data and the request headers check out, it'll sign a video link for you :D


The link you're given points to muse-drones.s3.amazonaws.com. It contains the time the link was generated, and the time the link should stay alive for. It also contains a signature to ensure that the path and/or time isn't tampered with. Right now the links generated stay alive for 600 seconds (10 minutes). So if you wanna share them when it happens (wink wink) then you better be quick :LOL:

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I have just one on Thursday, not that bad :LOL: but I feel you




Yes I do.


I feel you amigo :LOL:


yep I do haha, just keeping organised will see you through fine though haha


Me, on Friday. And I would be very damned if that's the day when we will get the album... :LOL:


Rock for making clever people fail their exams :LOL:


That's just made me feel a lot better about this, cheers :happy: (good luck of course!) We are not alone...

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