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  1. Does anyone know how Matt gets that really cool sound in the GOBE bridge in Assassin at the Mayan 2015 show? It's from about 3m47s into this video: http://YouTube.com/watch?v=2kV652Ob3ZM#t=3m47s It sounds like the sound might be reversed? But then somehow whatever he's using would need to interpolate how the note will continue sounding, so it can reverse it. And disregarding the reversing, it still sounds a bit synthy. And I have no idea what I'm talking about
  2. The leak sounds the same as the official mp3s from Warner (which also clip everywhere). However Apple don't label something as Mastered For iTunes if it clips too much. So iTunes (and probably spotify) get a different mix which clips a lot less
  3. This has probably been asked but what on earth is Matt on about when he says "your mind has turned green, and your belly is yellow"? Is that meant to mean something? Does his handler have a green mind? (I.e. Cares about recycling and other environmental matters?)
  4. johnathon

    Reapers BPM

    Possibly, but I also can't sync up to the tempo of live recordings. And if they aren't playing live with a predetermined tempo then how is Matt syncing up his Whammy automation?
  5. johnathon

    Reapers BPM

    Well I don't really need a click track. But I still need to get the timing correctly setup in logic for Whammy automation. Assuming the tempo is consistent up to the outro (which I'm pretty sure it is), the only other explanation is that maybe they picked a really weird tempo between 96 and 97 that has 4+ significant figures. But that makes no sense, why would they do something like that?
  6. johnathon

    Reapers BPM

    Yeah, it's pretty frustrating Has anyone else got any ideas? I'm thinking of maybe splitting it up into different sections (tapping, verse, bridge etc.) with tiny BPM differences to account for drifting, but that really isn't ideal and would be a pain to manage in Logic. If anyone has any insight that'd be real useful!
  7. johnathon

    Reapers BPM

    Funnily enough, Logic's tempo detection gave me 96.7. But that also doesn't line up, it starts falling in front of the beat about halfway through the first tapping part. The closest I've gotten in 96.9, but that loses sync about 1/4 of the way through the first chorus
  8. johnathon

    Reapers BPM

    Sorry, I didn't know where to ask Thanks for checking. But when I line up a 97BPM click track to the first Hi-hat hit that opens the song, it starts to drift ahead of the beat when it gets to the AC/DC style bridge section. Although it doesn't actually seem like the song changes tempo at that point, so I dunno why it doesn't line up
  9. johnathon

    Reapers BPM

    Does anyone know the exact BPM for Reapers? I know it's around 96 but I can't seem to make a click track line up, it always drifts out of time after about 20 seconds.
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