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Muse part ways with manager Addis, sign worldwide with Q Prime


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Globally renowned band Muse have left their long-term deal with Brontone management to sign a worldwide agreement with Q Prime.


Muse have been managed by Brontone founder Anthony Addis outside North America for over a decade, during which time they have released four studio albums including 2012’s The 2nd Law.


The group will now be managed worldwide by Q Prime, who have managed the group in North America since 2003.


Run by Peter Mensch from the US, Q Prime also manage Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Black Keys.


“After a successful 12-year relationship, Muse will be parting company with Brontone, until now their manager for all territories outside North America,” a band spokeperson told Music Week.


“As of March 2014 Muse will be managed worldwide by Q Prime, who have been managing the group in North America since 2003.


"Muse wish to thank Brontone for its support in developing the group’s hugely successful career so far, and Brontone wish Muse every success for the future."


Brontone's remaining clients include The Pogues and Pulled Apart By Horses.




Um. Doubt it will change much (although apparently Q Prime isn't that keen on message boards...)

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Is this another hint toward the return to an older style or am I just being overly optimistic?

Ummm nah, their US management (which they've been with since 2003) became their worldwide management, and they no longer are with Brontone, who managed them since the beginning.

Don't worry about that, Warner loves the attention :chuckle:

But the contract with Warner is over, too.

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I think these inner workings of the music industry are really fascinating. I have no idea what this means in practice though, the Gigwise article seemed really hyperbolic.


Really interested to see how this will pan out for the next album era. Seems like this management deal suggests hiring the big guns to satisfy their endless career ambitions. Hopefully these new people know how to push the singles for radio play, for starters.

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Surely their new management won't have the board shut down. Or musewiki

Musewiki is owned by a fan.

If I recall correctly the current management (or someone similar) tried having Musewiki shut down a few years back for violating copyright or something.
oh ryan
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I guess we'll all have to see what happens...


We'll fight the case of the board if need be, but there's no reason to expect anything here to change.


Tom Kirk will always love us. He's going nowhere!


...no pun intended.

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Musewiki was integrated into the previous incarnation of the official site and is currently hosted by Warner/Current Management
Had no idea. That's pretty cool!



I'm pretty sure that was an April Fools joke.

A bloody good one, too. Pretty much everyone fell for it.
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So...they ditch the management that got the job done outside of NA...for the management that hasn't gotten it done in NA?


Are they going to tour every year now while going years between albums, like Metallica and RHCP?


Curious decision is all I'm saying. Muse isn't creatively dead like those two bands, but this seems like a weird choice.

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