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Muse part ways with manager Addis, sign worldwide with Q Prime


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Putting my statistician hat on I'd say even if you weighted for the general decline in album sales TSL still under performed.


Uprising was good and USE created a huge hype amongst the fan base. Survival was a bit...awful...and Madness was exactly going to build much confidence in the BHaR/Abso/OoS lover doubters. That's my guess.

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I came across these Reddit AMAs with QPrime Management/Peter Mench.


This was probably the most interesting bit:


Are big record companies a dying breed?


yup. sadly so. what no one really understands is that the artist by himself does not achieve worldwide success without someone financing his/her record and more importantly gets into the hands of the media who can help spread the word. just how do you think one becomes big in Germany if one is a SF based metal band? it doesn't happen by osmosis


->I wonder if this suggests Muse too will leave Warner. Another band managed by QPrime, Metallica, formed their own label in 2012.


More on the "nice anecdotes" side:


Muse all seem like really great, funny guys. Any fun stories?


Matt is endlessly curious. I was regaled several nights ago with a list of what constitutes Treason in England as regards the queen. This came out of the news of the new royal birth


Have you ever heard a song from a band that you manage, that was so new, so different, that you weren't sure if the song would "work"? What songs would this apply, and what was the tension like in the room when first approached w such a song?


Cliff and I are never 100% sure when we select tracks to promote on radio. the biggest flyer we ever took was picking Knights of Cydonia as the first US single for Muse. "No One's Gonna Take Me Alive"


Whom, among all the acts/people you've managed, has the most sheer musical talent.


John Frusciante Matt Bellamy Josh Groban this is under the concept of writers, players, singers, arrangers. Flea is an amazing bassist. Hetfield kills as a singer and a rhythm player.


I could go on




The second one had only one Muse question, probably because he didn't specify he manages Muse as well in the info. However:


Why didn't Muse play 'Explorers' on Tuesday night at The Garden??


Ask Matt Bellamy. He makes the set lists.



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