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Australian Tour Announced For Late 2013


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Getting worked up! Can't find my pre-sale code and its less than 3 hours til those tickets go on sale!! HELP!!!
If you registered after the tour was announced, you can't get access to the presale code. You can for tomorrow's presale, but not the members one today.
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A Reserved seating fairly close to stage.


Two reasons I didn't pick GA:

Going straight from work and (whilst i wouldn't be late for show) there would be many people lined up for good spots long before me, what with it being first in best dressed.

Also I will admit that I am getting a bit old for GA. I also like the luxury of being able to go and get a drink or snack and knowing my exaxct spot will be available when I get back. (i am attending by myself)

My seats are A Reserved and fairly close to the stage.

How did your ticket hunting go Bumpy?

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