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Christmas Competition


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The winner will receive a signed copy of The Resistance Tour Photography Book and eight runners up will win a set of Muse Christmas baubles and all nine will feature on muse.mu.



Whoa, hold up. So I was one of the winners last year and received sweet F.A? This year, prizes?


Bit pissed.

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It's only the dimensions they require (1680 by 1050). Read the first post carefully. ;)


Hope that helped :D


- Please make sure your entries are RGB JPEGS of around 100kb file size and with dimensions of 1680 x 1050 in landscape format. Please stick to these dimensions otherwise we won't be able to use your entry.


I saved just the lineart of one of my designs without colours or anything and it came to more than 100kb with crappy quality :( are there any tricks to reduce file size without sacrificing too much quality?

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Does anyone know how many pictures/pages there are in the photography book? I'd just like to know if it's worth the £20 (was disappointed with the program last year).


The Resistance Tour Photography Book. A 160 page hard-back book featuring a collection of exclusive, unseen photographs taken throughout Europe during The Resistance Tour in the Summer of 2010.


This is a limited edition item exclusive to muse.mu. The book measures 285mm x 225mm and has a silver foil block logo on the front cover and is enclosed in a de-bossed silver slip case.


I too was disappointed with the stadium tour programme

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I know it's way too late to bring this up, but I just found this TODAY when I was working on sending in my entry. Hope this helps some of you last-minute people, or any of you in general. It does not reduce the quailty OR dimensions of the image, and you keep the .jpeg format. Just make sure before you upload it that you choose from the list "small file size".

Image Optomizer


Hope I helped :D



Hey guys,


Do you guys now if you have to include your name in the email?


It's probably a good idea, to save them (a little) trouble later. I'm sure they'll e-mail you if you're one of the winners but it still is probably a good idea.

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