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  1. Looking to buy one of these. Just the lanyard though. Been looking everyone for one. Message me at nick_caville@hotmail.co.uk if you're interested in selling JUST the lanyard.
  2. caville

    Win a VIP experience

    So according to the T's & C's, 17th May is Notification day..
  3. caville

    Win a VIP experience

    Probably not from the UK though. Next!
  4. caville

    Win a VIP experience

    Welp, we're up there. Read through the Terms and Conditions, submitted this one purely because it was one of the only ones I had under 4 minutes! Shame they're not sticking to the TCs.
  5. Hey guys, My previous post hasn't been validated on muselive (yet?), but i've uploaded it to sendspace for everyone to download. [links removed] I ripped this personally directly from the app. It IS in stereo. It IS good quality. The MP3s are encoded at 256kbps, which is more than adequate for the quality that is present on the app, any higher (320) then you're just increasing the file size and not retaining any higher quality, 256k is more than enough. They are ID3 tagged (with no artwork, you can choose) so they line up and group in iTunes perfectly fine. Enjoy!
  6. Stereo rip is here. Download unlocked when validated (should be later today.) [link removed]
  7. Not sure where to post this, feel free to move or delete. I'm looking for a bigger resolution of this picture with the quality to match. Please link me to one if you can find one! (by bigger I mean 1500px plus or something)
  8. The winner will receive a signed copy of The Resistance Tour Photography Book and eight runners up will win a set of Muse Christmas baubles and all nine will feature on muse.mu. Whoa, hold up. So I was one of the winners last year and received sweet F.A? This year, prizes? Bit pissed.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nYTIq59RB4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rph-4HjbRc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CiCSJA7mxM Help take these down.
  10. TESTTESTTESTTESTTESTTESTTESTTESTTESTTESTTESTTEST lol. Edit: Thanks Paul and Liam! Download gogogogo!
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