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  1. I hope the £72 price tag is worth it. I dont think anything will compare to stood on top of Matt watching them in the Livelounge. Oh well, couldn't resist when i found out they had released a weekend date near me.
  2. Who else. They were annoyed as they were at the front of the queue, and as i was on guestlist i got in before everyone else so we took centre barrier. They were not happy. At least Muse had a different view for once. Yeah it was a great night! I've discovered that if you are a girl, being anywhere other than the back or the barrier is horrible. I was 4 rows from the front (ish) at the Manchester gig in March and so many guys stick there arms in your face and use you to lean on. I know some shoving can't be helped but its really bad. At least on the barrier there is something to hold on to to keep you on the ground!!
  3. So, i was at the Livelounge recording.... We were allowed to go into the interview before they performed, and Matt put us on the guestlist for the Camden show (still can't believe this happened). Felt a bit mean as we only had to stroll up to the door at 7pm and we could get to the barrier. Anyway. Performance was an insane experience. Before we entered the studio we all had to put on fancy dress gear (under Muse's instruction) and there were inflatable guitars and confetti everywhere! Then we got to take pictures afterwards. Pretty amazing Friday! Group winner pic and Meet and Greet pic under cut
  4. My favourite part of the gig was a certain nationality of fan actually clawing at my exposed back with her fingernails to push between me and my boyfriend on the barrier. I'm covered in scratches and scabs. Anyway, aside from that. Good gig. Disappointed with the setlist as we heard them soundcheck Muscle Museum. Was not dressed for the gig as i had been with the boys at Maida Vale for the Live Lounge. But how can you turn down a free gig when Matt asks you personally if you want to be on the guestlist.
  5. I got "Oooh baby don't you know I suffer, ooooh baby can you hear me moan" The guy before me (who failed) got "link it to the world, link it to yourself". Pretty tough for a generic fan! It was a nightmare trying to get through, I almost gave up!
  6. Sorry everyone! Taking my boyfriend as he loves Muse as much as I do! Most stressful experience. Listening to Radio 1 from 6.30am till 3pm when I got the tickets. Had to call in whenever they played a muse song, first caller through had to guess the name of the song from a lyric being read out. 5 people got it wrong and I got through on chance when they reopened the lines after someone failed. It was hell. Rang on first note and still didn't get through. Did it in the end by ringing before he said "go". Should be fun! Only 4 pairs of tickets given away
  7. Just won tickets for this. Apparently only 8 people are given tickets and i won 2 of them?!!?!!??!?!!
  8. Just won one of the 4 pairs of tickets to see Muse at Radio 1 Livelounge on Friday Listening to Radio 1 for 9 hours paid off!
  9. Thanks! It was near impossible to film the first 7 songs due to the crowd. But i managed this and 20 seconds of Burning Bridges riff
  10. Its alright, its hard not to come out untouched in a crowd like that! I figured midway that it was people trying to escape the moshpit that was creating the push!
  11. Oh. My. God What a setlist, what a crazy gig. So many mosh pits. Very active crowd. Had my hair pulled, elbowed in the back, i literally did not touch the floor for half of Dead Star, and i am going to be covered in bruises tomorrow. Totally worth it Catherine (over 100 gigs) said it was the best Muse gig she has ever been to
  12. I'll be hanging round with my boyfriend. We're both nice people and wont bite Feel free to come say hi!
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