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Billboard Brasil interview with Chris


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U2 has not brought a second division team to open their shows in Morumbi. The Muse is accustomed to playing in big stadiums in Europe. The British band is one of the few in the last decade that shares the ambition of U2 by megaespetáculo - they have plans to play in space. The trio came to Brazil for the second time thinking on becoming even better known to "get back playing stadiums themselves." So said bassist Chris Wolstenholme in an interview with Billboard Brazil. As the lead singer Matt Bellamy was walking in Sao Paulo with actress Kate Hudson, his girlfriend, Chris talked about their contact with U2 on the beach life and a gringo in Brazil - and fluted in Argentina. He also commented about the show to commemorate 10 years of hard Origin of Symmetry of the alleged statements against the upcoming album "Twilight" and a "more intimate."


How do you choose the repertoire for these concerts of the opening of U2?

We played two hours on our own shows, so it's hard to play for 45 minutes. We try to choose eight songs that represent the band. In these concerts with U2 a lot of people do not know who we are, so we have to be representative of the entire career. We rehearsed 16 songs and we alternate every night. But I do not know what we will still play in the fourth, usually chosen few hours before the show. It is normal, even in our own shows so.


How did the invitation to these shows?

U2 invited us to play U.S. in 2009. They were the first shows we did when The Resistance (2009) came out. What was cool because we had not played for a year. And it was nice to come back and support the band, did not have to play long sets and went to many places where we were not so well known. They knew there were going to tour now, then they asked us to come back to play in South America - which still had not passed with this album yet. Made sense because opening for U2 we appear to many people who do not know us, so next time maybe we can get back playing stadiums alone.


On Saturday you Bono compared to Jimi Hendrix, what do you think?

Jimi Hendrix is ​​a guitar God, a great influence for Matt [bellamy, lead singer and guitarist], the way he plays the guitar. I think that natural ability to make the guitar come alive is something very inspiring.


you remember the first time she came to Brazil in 2008?

We did not spend much time here [in São Paulo]. We spent more time in Rio - basically stayed on the beach for a week (laughs). I was amazed at how much people playing soccer on the beach.


And you played well?

No. .. This time we even had a combined stake here in Sao Paulo, but I think going to the beach for two days, so it will not. And I'm also with the injured leg. Argentina played the other day, someone gave me a kick in the leg still hurts and I have to rest for one day.


You should not have played there ...

It is, moreover they love putting his hand on the ball, Maradona style (laughs)


How was playing at Glastonbury [in England] with The Edge last year?

From the beginning we wanted to have a special guest in our show. We had a list of people. We got to talk to Elton John, but he had an appointment in the evening. We talked to several people, nothing went right. When Bono hurt his back and had to cancel their show at Glastonbury, we had the idea to call the Edge and we think it might be nice, because many people were waiting to see them at the festival. The second thing they would be nice to see The Edge playing for us. U2 We played for a lot of people who wanted to see U2. And play with him ... The guy is a legend. It is one of the few guitarists in the world you can hear and know who is.


As you already played together, not thought about doing it again in concerts here?

I think this kind of thing is better when it happens only once. It's easy to overdo a good thing. What made it special was the fact that it is probably the only time. It made sense because there were people there who wanted to see the U2 but could not. I do not think the fans want to see The Edge playing with us here, prefer to see U2.


You will move to record the next album?

Yes, we'll all live in London after this tour. For many years, we live in different places [Chris was living in Dublin, Ireland], so we had to go to another place to do an album together. Never made a record that we could go into the studio, working during the day and then go home, see our families. It will be interesting to find out how this happens.


Matt said the next album should be more personal, more intimate.

Possibly. I think that is something worth exploring. The last two albums were very great. But there are songs that we like "Soldier's Poem" [black Holes and Revelations, 2006], which have this feeling closer. I think it's one thing we can explore more and see how it works.


He also said he "could not see the Muse is greater than." But seeing as these concerts by U2, with 30-year career, you think of following this path?

I do not know. It is difficult to predict the future, we always think things one album at a time. Sometimes it is dangerous to have these visions of long-term. I think the band has gone further than anyone expected. In the end, we have already experienced things that few people lived. If it all ended now, the memories would live something unbelievable. It's nice to think that you will continue for many, many albums, but you never know.


And the shows in the [English Festival] Reading and Leeds in August because they had decided to do the live Origin of Symmetry?

We decided to play at Reading and Leeds to do at least one show in England this year alone. We think that instead of the obvious choice to play the show's Resistance Tour, we could take ten years to release Origin of Symmetry. This album was very significant for the band. I feel it was the first that actually did. And was the record that propelled us as a live band. Songs like "Plug In Baby," "New Born" and "Bliss" created us as a live band we are today. And the Reading Festival is the ideal festival to do so. Because Origin of Symmetry is a very hard rock and the festival is very rock. It is also the festival we attended as children. This is where the American bands that we loved playing. Add everything makes sense. There are songs on this album we have not played since his tour. Tracks like "Screenager," "Hyper Music", "Darkshine" not played in a long time and probably never will play again. Might be a good opportunity for people to see the last time.


You still have plans to play in space? [Earlier this year they had serious talks with Virgin Galactic, arm British company that plans to launch tourist trips into space]

Of course I would love to play in space, or just go into space. Just do not know how gravity would work to play, I'd be awkward (laugh). Matt had even talked about it, but I do not know how it is, let's see ...


What about the band's relationship with Twilight? You still think that part of the trail with Eclipse "Neutron Star Collision" was "selling out" as British newspapers announced at the time?

That's nonsense, rubbish. Someone took what I said and turned into something else. I have no problem with Twilight, it was a great thing for the band. Particularly in the U.S., helped the band to show new people. I have no problem with that. But someone interviews me, I made a joke and he turned it into something else. It was annoying, because we know [the books' author and fan of Muse] Stephenie Meyer long ago. He was a journalist bastard who made me look like an idiot (laughs).


Sorry, I just put it through Google Translate and changed a couple of names that it translated funny.



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So they're gonna stop playing the OoS songs that they don't play anyway?


Yes, yes and yes. Matt said a time ago they'd only stop playing the bad ones.


It's awesome every time I hear confirmation from the band that I'm going to get to hear Dark Shines live.
Yeah it still sounds too good to be true... xD But this time it is true... I hope -,-
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Haters gonna hate.


I remember Chris mentioning playing more songs like Soldier's Poem before. Chris said he (or they) would possibly like to do more songs like Soldier's Poem. That was before Matt mentioned the next album being more intimate. Matt was referring primarily to personal songs I think lending themselves to a more intimate performance, so that may just be Chris' interpretation. Though of course they may have discussed it.


Though how that would encompass rave is anyone's guess! :chuckle: I think all ideas regarding the next album are pretty fluid atm. :)


Thanks for the interview.

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I love SP too :D I think this interview does give hope that not ALL Origin tracks will never be played again, as Chris specifically called out Hyper Music, Screenager, and Dark Shines. So if there was any doubt that NB, CE, etc. wouldn't be played again, i think this interview erased that :)

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I'm still sad that Hyper Music is one of the ones called out. Even though I'm aware it's been yonks since they last played it anyway. But yeah, this article basically just confirmed what I was thinking anyway.

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