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    Fuck you, you cunt!
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    Charlotte, USA
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    Muse, Muse, and more Muse. Also, playing guitar and gaming (Gamertag: CitizenIErased)
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    freshman in HS
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    MUSE, Radiohead (sorry guys), The Strokes, Arcade Fire, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes
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    Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office (American Version, not that British crap lol)
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    what's a book
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    Origin of Symmetry
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack
    Black Holes and Revelations
    The Resistance
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    10/16/10 Raleigh NC!
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  1. damn Simon. You're still lurking around here? Muse surely aren't still that interesting to you....

  2. I think I was very close to you because I remember a group of obnoxious guys too, haha. Do you remember what they looked like?
  3. My friends and I have named her Dancing Pizza Woman. :LOL:


    I dunno if you've played The Sims, but usually when they see fire they react by kinda going crazy and screaming etc. In the case of my sig, I think a glitch happened and instead she just rapidly danced out of the situation :LOL:


    ps. get your Liverpool avatar out of here :phu:

  4. what is the picture in your sig? I see it all the time but don't understand it :(

  5. Love futurama.

  6. I thought it was good. I just thought his bluntness was quite comical.
  7. Thank you :D My boat is sinking too.

  8. your visitor messages look a little lonely, so hi :)

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